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Bums on Seats - the digital battle for students

Universities are set in competition against each other. It’s not that they necessarily want to see other universities defeated; it’s about the want and need to survive in an age where student expectations and choices are at an all-time high.

This whitepaper, ‘Bums on Seats – the digital battle for students’ builds on our experience of helping universities win their battles. How can universities appeal to students when prices and courses are so comparable? It comes down to the all-important experience.

We offer this overview of the unfolding conflict so that you can appreciate the multiple fronts on which the battle is being fought, as universities work hard to survive and grow.

The whitepaper details four battlegrounds, six strategies and ten tactics you need to exploit and utilise to ensure your university wins the digital battle for students.

  • The four battlegrounds

First and foremost the battle ground is digital. It is here that universities can compete on experience; brand, customer and user. How impressive, smooth and engaging is your university experience?

  • The six strategies

Where to fight your battle is a decision that needs to go together with how to fight, and the strategies to use. Each university has their strengths, weaknesses and unique selling points. How can you exploit these using the most effective strategy?

  • The ten tactics

After where (the battleground), and how (the strategy), the third question is what are you going to do to win: the tactical choice. A university's web presence is huge; where do you focus your efforts to start implementing those quick wins?


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