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The best opportunity in the industry

People who’ve been part of our team for a while are almost never quite where they expected to be. That’s a good thing! We like to give our team the opportunity to flourish, follow their passions and achieve more than they could possibly imagine.

Junior Project Manager to Regional Commercial Director in a few years; Marketing Assistant to Head of Office then Director of Strategy; 18 years at Precedent and still looking forward to the next ten. At Precedent people have achieved this and more. They have the opportunity to work across our international office network, in some cases never to return.

Below are a list of positions we need to fill right now – if you fit the bill and more importantly have the drive, passion and frankly humour needed to be part of a fast growing team then get in touch.

We love the challenge of crafting jobs around people that don’t necessarily fit the mould. That’s what makes our team so special, and why people tend to stay once they’ve found us.

But what's it really like?

Whoever you ask you’ll get a slightly different answer…

Bloody good fun – but I’m exhausted!

We ask a lot from people, but also know that without a healthy balance between work, family and friends and time for yourself, you’ll never do your greatest work. It’s all about give and take.

Part of the family

We may be a business, but we spend as much time together as families. Doesn’t mean we don’t have the occasional row – but we’re a happy bunch, we enjoy working together and we try very hard never to let each other down.

You guys move quick

If we believe in a good idea we get on with it. It’s better to try something and learn from it, rather than sit around discussing what could be.

Pool and a pint at lunchtime – I didn’t expect that.

Our offices are located at the creative hearts of our host cities. It would be a pity not to be able to sample what’s on offer – and we know some of the best ideas happen when you least expect it.

The best opportunity in the industry

We really believe this, and have a badge to prove it (Best Company Award 2012). More importantly our whole team believes it – which is why we continue to be successful and have fun doing it.