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Branding for universities in the digital age

25 September 2017

Universities have had a tumultuous relationship with branding exercises. The diversification of channels, platforms and providers is making it increasingly difficult to maintain control of messaging and positioning, yet it’s become more important than ever to capitalise on digital tools and offer a consistent brand experience.

Why universities need to take a step back to let digital in

05 September 2017

For many years, universities have taken an administrative approach to digital. They have looked at their current structures and have mapped technology onto them. Digital has been seen as a communications channel or efficiency tool only and not as an opportunity to improve student experience and learning outcomes. This approach is no longer tenable. Disparate systems with multiple logins and confusing journeys need to be replaced with joined-up, intuitive online-offline experiences. This can only be successfully achieved by reducing the importance of the institution and its structures while at the same time bringing the student experience to the fore.

Looking beyond your sector: five content tips for membership organisations

23 August 2017

We all know the value of relevant and consistent content. We believe that by looking outside of their sector and making a few simple changes, membership organisations can create more engaging, user-centred content that meets both organisational and user needs. Find out our top five out-of-sector content tips for membership organisations.

Overcoming the five biggest blockers to creating great content.

10 August 2017

Great content is a critical part of any organisation’s marketing strategy. It’s a powerful way to both reach new audiences and better connect with and engage existing ones. But like all good things, it takes a bit of work to get it just right.

Here’s a handful of the most commonly experienced obstacles in embedding sustainable content creation processes within your organisation – plus some practical steps you can take to overcome them. 

What students want… How to appeal to prospective students

19 May 2017

To appeal to prospective students, there are a number of digital aspects you need to consider. See how a student focused digital strategy can impact your enrolment applications.

Is customer loyalty dead?

25 April 2017

The subject of customer experience has enjoyed attention almost to the point of obsession over the last few years, and for good reason. Anyone who knows anything about customer behaviour knows that people no longer connect on a personal level with brands. 

What to consider when preparing your digital approach for the next financial year

19 April 2017

We’ve got end of financial year on our minds at Precedent – between starting a new financial year in the UK and Australia’s EOFY approaching sooner than any of us would care for, there’s a lot of planning to be done. So if you’re planning goals and projects for the new financial year and considering how best to allocate your digital budget, read on for the key things you need to consider.

Perth Airport – Moodie Davitt Digital Awards

21 March 2017

Perth Airport website has been highly commended for the Best Airport Website in the Moodie Davitt Digital Awards. 


Precedent help St John of God Health Care build a customer-led digital strategy

16 March 2017

In early March our Digital Experiece Director, Dan Baker joined St John of God's Group Manager of Marketing and Corporate affairs, Sally-ann Parker to speak at the recent CMO/CIO/ADMA Executive Connections event in Melbourne about the customer-led strategy that resulted in the new website launch in December 2016.

Perth Airport Case Study

03 February 2017

Perth Airport is changing at a rapid rate. Terminal expansions, Airport Drive and the sparkling new T1 Domestic Terminal are a few of the major infrastructure projects that continue to transform Perth Airport into a world class facility.  Their plans are firmly focused on re-defining the customer experience for anyone using air travel through this growing and vibrant city.


To complement the physical change, Perth Airport have been working to transform their digital experience, having recently launched an outstanding new mobile friendly website. 

Edinburgh Business School website wins DADI Award

20 October 2016

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that Edinburgh Business School picked up the award for the category ‘Professional Services Website, App or Campaign’ at the DADI Awards 2016.

The British Medical Association shortlisted for the Digital Impact Awards 2016

13 October 2016

Congratulations to our client, the British Medical Association, for their well-deserved award nomination at the Digital Impact Awards 2016. They have been shortlisted for the category ‘Best use of digital by a Charity, NGO or NFP’.

Opening Edinburgh Business School up to the world

24 August 2016

With over 600 entries into the DADI Awards in 2016, we're thrilled to announce that Edinburgh Business School has been shortlisted as a finalist for best website for 2016. Winners will be announced in October. Here is the story of the project and its results.

University of Gloucestershire scoops bronze award for best website at the 2016 HEIST Awards

11 July 2016

A great win for our client The University of Gloucestershire who scooped a bronze award for best website at the 2016 HEIST Awards.

New - Digital Transformation Leadership Summits

11 April 2016

 This is why we run tailored leadership summits for our clients and those interested in digitally transforming their organisation. We can help to inspire and motivate senior management teams and get buy in on the importance of digital transformation

Precedent’s new Flagship Report launching September 2016

24 February 2016

The third and final report in our ‘Digital Strategy Report Series,’ which currently includes our Daring to be Digital and CX: Survival of the Fittest reports, is currently under construction. 

Help Anthony Nolan find a #Match4Lara

21 January 2016

Over the last two months, Anthony Nolan have received a record number of visitors to their site and most importantly, conversion rates are high as users are signing up to be donors! Lara is a 24-year-old Chinese-Thai-Italian student who was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in December 2015, and needs a stem cell donor to save her life.

Watch Jenni Williams present customer experience at the NHS Elect Annual Conference

15 December 2015

Using case studies from around the world, Jenni will shine the spotlight on those organisations who have fixed major issues in recruitment, retention and customer satisfaction by tackling customer experience head on.

Specialist finance provider, Together, unveils new website

18 November 2015

Together partnered with Precedent to bring its new unified brand online through a comprehensive digital transformation. After more than 40 years operating as a specialist lender, with more than 15 different brands, the group of companies previously known as Jerrold Holdings decided to create a single brand identity to affirm its status in the market as a leading finance provider. 

Watch our webinar on digital transformation in the higher education sector

11 November 2015

Digital transformation, the project to internalise the changes that digital has brought about, is part cure for change, and part a necessary change itself. Its tempo is increasing and more universities are starting the journey.  This webinar will measure the steps that the bold have taken so far, presented by Rob Van Tol, Senior Strategy Consultant at Precedent. 

A sudden farewell to our beloved Managing Director, Hardip Bhamra

11 November 2015

It is with great sadness we share the news that Hardip Bhamra, our beloved Managing Director, passed away suddenly on Friday 6th November.  He had been with Precedent for over 20 years and it has come as a great shock to us all. He was an inspiration to everyone who met him.

Precedent ranked =7th in The Drum Digital Census

01 October 2015

The Drum have just released the results for The Drum Digital Census 2015 and we are absolutely thrilled to be ranked =7th in the elite rankings! 

Our latest higher education whitepaper has just launched

10 September 2015

Our latest whitepaper, ‘Bums on Seats – the digital battle for students,’ leverages our experience working with some of the biggest universities across the UK and Asia Pacific, implementing a range of digital solutions to ready universities for digital change.

Evolution at its finest in the higher education sector

06 August 2015

Last week, I went to the Institutional Web Management Workshop and although I love all of my clients, it is the higher education sector in particular that is drawing my attention at the moment. They’re a sector which has notoriously been slow to catch on to digital, but seeing what some of the attendees are focusing on now, that makes it all the more impressive. 

Precedent a Top 20 agency in the Design Week Top 100

06 July 2015

The Design Week Top 100 Consultancy Survey results have just been released and we are delighted to see we are still a Top 20 agency, rounding it out at number 20. We are also very happy to place 4th in the Top 10 agencies specialising in digital, which makes up 23% of the market share.

Precedent ranked no.15 in Econsultancy’s 2015 design and build rankings

18 June 2015

Econsultancy’s Top 100 Digital Agencies report has just been released and we are delighted to once again be in the Top 20 Design and Build agencies in the UK, ranked at no. 15. 

How the British Heart Foundation sparked digital transformation with its new website

15 June 2015

Think digital transformation is an intangible and impossible goal? Here are six ways the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Precedent used the redesign of to deliver enhanced services and inspire major internal changes to win the fight against heart disease.

Watch our webinar on the BHF's digital transformation journey

29 May 2015

During this joint webinar with Sitecore, I will explore the BHF’s journey to transformation using our CARE model from our CX: Survival of the Fittest report. I will also share some of the great results the BHF has seen, including in their first month since launching, a 277% increase in donations from December 2013, to leave you inspired to drive digital change in your NFP organisation.

Redefining the member experience with impact

28 May 2015

Membership bodies – organisations that provide support, guidance, training, and networking for professionals working within particular disciplines, and work to shape policy and influence perceptions on behalf of their members, are as diverse and specialised as you might imagine. 

Download our latest report - The New Membership Mindset

26 May 2015

Our new report, The New Membership Mindset: redefining the member experience with impact, proposes a new membership body – one that puts member needs first and foremost. The IMPACT process within the report acts as guide to help you become truly digital by default, and arms you with five keys areas of digital change to get you inspired to think big, start small and act quickly to put you on the path to digital transformation.

Precedent ranked =8th for overall performance in The Drum’s Independent Agency Census

13 May 2015

This morning The Drum released the rankings from their Independent Agency Census and we are delighted to be ranked =8th in the elite table of overall high performance in the census.

Hosting our client's successes

10 March 2015

What happens when you're just too successful? You might be prepared for success but is your website? 

How the new National Anzac Centre is pushing the envelope in the digital arena

06 February 2015

The National Anzac Centre offers a truly immersive experience not limited by its physical boundaries. 

What’s topping the digital wish list for 2015?

02 February 2015

Following the launch of our latest customer experience report, CX:Survival of the Fittest, we decided to take a look at what's topping the digital wish lists of our clients and prospective clients in 2015.

The changing face of commerce - a digital overhaul for global service provider GS1 UK

15 December 2014

We have been working with the UK arm of GS1, the company behind the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world, to build a sophisticated new digital platform –built in Sitecore – that will enable global organisations of all sizes and in all sectors to stay at the forefront of commerce and trade effectively

Unveiling the new British Heart Foundation website on #givingtuesday

01 December 2014

The British Heart Foundation’s new 2020 strategy is boldly singular: Fund more cutting-edge medical research to win the fight against cardiovascular disease, and a new digital platform is critical to its success. Today, on #GivingTuesday, the new website launches.

Creating a successful customer experience

17 November 2014

We share our thoughts along with Shop Direct, and iCrossing on how to create a successful customer experience.

New responsive website for the Energy Saving Trust

05 November 2014

We are delighted to see the new Energy Saving Trust  responsive website go live, designed to provide consumers and businesses with the information, support and the tools to help save money on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

5 ways industrial design principles can inform digital practices

26 October 2014

Last month at Ignite Sydney [digital] I shared 5 principles that I learned from Industrial Design that I use every day at work, and can be applied to anything that you do. Here I’ll explain how those 5 lessons can help us create meaningful ideas and deliver them intelligently.

5 simple rules to delivering a digital transformation in higher education

24 October 2014

This October, Precedent were invited to speak at the Australian International Education Conference to present our Digital Campus concept. I have presented this several times since it came out and each time I have been challenged by questions after it. These then has informed how I present the concept the next time round. The biggest question has always been ‘how?’ so this time round I committed to leaving the audience with five simple steps to achieving a truly innovative and business changing digital program.

The challenges facing international higher education student recruitment

20 October 2014

Last month,  Cory Hughes, our head of Hong Kong, and I ran a workshop with Pacific Conferences on Marketing Strategies for Higher Education Student Recruitment in Singapore, based on a future vision from our Digital Campus report. We then took the delegates through a series of tasks to define opportunities for business transformation. Big stuff. Any of our clients who have been through this process with us on a project will know that this is a pretty huge undertaking usually taking over a month and incorporating feedback from many stakeholders. So, doing the same thing in two days with multiple businesses was always going to be pretty intense. 

A top 20 slot in the Drum's 100 most influential people in digital

17 October 2014

Our Non-Exec Phil Jones is no stranger to digital accolades, but this week we want to say a huge congratulations as he secured a top 20 slot in the Drum Digerati ahead of Sir Martin Sorrell and Martha Lane Fox.

Embracing the rapid growth of digital in the Chinese finance sector

13 October 2014

I was recently lucky enough to be invited as a guest to the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers Annual Conference which set about tackling the big issues and opportunities facing the finance sector. Unsurprisingly, the most pressing issue for most of the 500 in the room was the seismic shift that technology is having on the sector, specifically the rapid growth of digital and mobile channels.

#Setting The Precedent at Sitecore Trendspot 2014!

13 October 2014

We hosted the Trendy Bar Dweller room and as part of the 'personalisation' theme from the conference, we asked delegates to showcase their best "Trendy Bar Dweller" persona. We loved all your photos, and the most creative goes to @Appaluza (middle and centre), for best presenting the persona, especially with the moutaches as eyebrows! 

Feeling shell shocked? We take a look at the new computer vulnerability on the block.

26 September 2014

For those who have opened papers and turned on the news to  descriptions of the latest bug ‘Shellshock’ aka ‘Bash Bug’ thats terrifying description has included words such as ‘deadly’ ‘severe’, ‘critical’ and ‘catastrophic’,  I thought I would simplify what it’s all about.

The Rise of Alibaba - Is there room in the Chinese market for digital competitors?

24 September 2014

Alibaba has become the world’s largest IPO, yet only half of Chinese consumers are connected to the internet. So, with over half of the population still up for grabs, is there room for competition or will Alibaba monopolise the market and the rest of us will all follow suit?

The problem with customer experience in Australia's finance industry

24 September 2014

Customer experience is quickly becoming its own currency and it is not a currency the finance industry here in Australia knows how to invest in. However when we look at the finance industry in Australia through a customer experience lenses we do not see an industry that is embracing and utilising new technology, nor do we see an industry that is willing to challenge, let alone change, the way it delivers its products and services to suit the needs of a an ever diversifying customer base. 

Customer experience in a digital world – enhancing the visitor experience

23 September 2014

This week our global head of digital joins the likes of Trip Advisor, Ticketmaster and a host of tourism boards to discuss how digital channels and technology can help the travel and tourism sector resolve major business challenges by enhancing the customer experience.

Engaging your agency with an agile methodology

23 September 2014

Whether it’s the flavour of the month or the new standard, agile methodology is definitely the talk of the town. It addresses the major concerns that traditional waterfall run projects have and allows an organisation’s team to show the fruit of their labours quickly and frequently. Now, this isn’t a typical “hey everyone, how cool is agile” post as I’m sure most people reading this will have a basic idea of what an agile methodology is all about. What I will discuss is how you can engage your agency to work with an agile project.

Read our latest blog on the Importance of Digital Transformation

10 September 2014

Last year we opened our first Asia office in HK. A year on and we are getting ready to launch our first report for the region on China's digital maturity.  Here, our founder Paul shares his views with the HK digital press on why organisations need to look to the power of "digital transformation" in order to succeed in today's digitally savvy world

Read our latest interview with Austrade on Precedent’s growth in the Australia market

03 September 2014

UK This Summer we poke to Austrade about ‘Why Australia’? And why our success in the Australian market is now supporting our expansion into the Asia-Pacific region. 

Water Corporation win a 2014 Stevie Award!

18 August 2014

Precedent are proud to announce Water Corporation as bronze 2014 Stevie Award winners in the energy and utilities website category. Winners were selected from more than 3,500 nominations received from organizations and individuals in more than 60 nations and were judged by more than 250 executives worldwide.

Ever had problems with your hosting when it’s just completely failed on you?

14 August 2014

Although extremely rare, frustratingly, when it does happen, more often than not the issue does not lie with the infrastructure but with the limitations of human beings. However there are also those times when the dangers of the speed at which the Internet is growing can catch up with us and wreak havoc, and this Tuesday at 8am was one of those moments.

Moonee Valley City Council launch new mobile site

14 August 2014

Moonee Valley City Council have just launched their new mobile site as part of an initiative to increase communication channels and meet demand from users accessing the council's site via mobile.

How to get a broader reach with an accessible website

31 July 2014

Although the blind and visually impaired benefit directly from an accessible website, they are not the only reason accessibility is important. When we make our web sites accessible, we are creating an inclusive environment for members of our community regardless of their disabilities.

Building a successful digital business - join us at this BIMA breakast on 24th July in Edinburgh

21 July 2014

We have joined up with Nile in Edinburgh to co-host the second BIMA 'Breakfast Briefing' which will look at ‘Building a Successful Digital Business’ and the issues around this.

Anthony Nolan has been shortlisted for a DADI Award

18 July 2014

In 1974, when the nation was being wowed by Ceefax and twisting Rubik’s Cubes, the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Register was established and began its battle against blood cancer.

Report Update - Meerkats, Credit Cards and a Spanish Bank

27 June 2014

This month Santander launched their new website, around the same time that we released our latest whitepaper 'The Mobile Finance Experience'. So, as they were previously ‘immobile’, I thought i'd take a look to see if the new site was an improvement, and use to get myself my very own Sergei.

16th July we're speaking at CharityComms: Audience First.

24 June 2014

We’ll be discussing how to employ the latest digital-first tactics that drive actions and reactions in an increasingly challenging sector. 

Insert Coin: What video games can teach us about designing stronger digital experiences

20 June 2014

A recent Bond University report into video game habits in Australia states that the average adult gamer has been playing video games for 12 years. As digital experience designers, what can we learn from the techniques game makers have been using to form these strong bongs with their players?

Join us on 2nd July where we will be speaking at an exclusive event for membership organisations

19 June 2014

Join us on the 2nd of July for a free conference for membership organisations, that will look at how the sector can and should be using digital and new technology to make attracting and retaining members that much easier.

Read Precedent's interview in the latest edition of .Net magazine - 'How we built RNIB'

18 June 2014

The latest edition net magazine has just been published and the showcase feature 'How we built' is a four page interview with a few of our rather talented team, responsible for the responsive, accessible site that we completed this spring for the Royal National Institute for the Blind.

Precedent ranked no.11 in Econsultancy’s UK design and build rankings published today

17 June 2014

The Econsultancy Digital Top 100 has just been published and Precedent have jumped up the league table once more. We’ve moved up a whopping 21 places year on year to no.54 and once again we've moved up the design and build rankings, sitting just shy of a top 10 UK spot at no.11.

Engaging with your audience in the digital world

09 June 2014

It’s not about working in silos and delivering your strategy document, it’s about collaboration and reacting to the trends and developments around you. Read our latest guest blog, inspired by our report and seminar series which explores how organisations can and should be 'engaging with their audiences in a digital world'.

The Mobile Experience - how and where are your customers engaging with you?

05 June 2014

Launching next week - The Mobile Finance Experience Whitepaper’surveys 50 financial organisations, from banks and building societies to asset managers and online only providers, to see who is providing the best mobile experience for their customers.

New responsive website and intranet for Homerton

20 May 2014

Launched today, Homerton’s new website aims to incorporate all of their hospital and community health services, following on from the integration of community health services which marked a major transformation of Homerton’s role and identity as an organisation.

Henderson Global Investors wins AIC Best Website Award 2014

19 May 2014

The website we delivered for Henderson Global Investors has just won AIC Best Website Award 2014. Our MD Hardip Bhamra summarises the exciting project and fantastic achievement.

Don’t burst the bubble: How to manage innovation in the digital world

12 May 2014

You know you work in a rapidly changing industry when 2004 felt like ‘a simpler time’. But when exactly did websites stop being just websites? Our Global Head of Digital shares her three top tips on managing digital innovation.

Four ways city councils can get to know their users

12 May 2014

Part of a UX Consultant's responsibility is to truly understand the people we are creating for in order to ensure the digital solutions we create align with their needs and provide value. Here are four ways for city councils to better understand their residents, visitors and business owners.

Setting a Precedent: 25 years in the digital industry and counting

30 April 2014

From one man and a Mac to a global operation, 2014 sees Precedent mark 25 years in the digital industry. We are very proud how far we have come from our humble beginnings and thought it would be nice to chart some of the key moments in our history.

Precedent and The Drum celebrate the 20/2000 visionaries

30 April 2014

This month we collaborated with marketing magazine The Drum to create the 20/2000 visionaries campaign, to mark our 25th anniversary and to celebrate the work of 20 other digital pioneers that have been around pre-2000 and achieved great things. 

Online service – It’s not all about direct funnels

15 April 2014

Precedent's Digital Experience Director, James Downes offers his thoughts on Online Services, the third of five key areas we have highlighed in our latest report, that should work together as part of a customer engagement strategy.

Device context - where customers are and what they are using

07 April 2014

As part of our latest report, looking at how to engage your customers in the new digital word, Precedent's MD - Asia Pacific region - Sean, offers his thoughts on where customers are and what they are using.

Digital assets: To attract, service and retain custom

04 April 2014

How can you use your digital assets to attract, service and retain your customers? As part of our latest report on customer engagement, Precedent's Global Creative Director, Tori Winn, offers her thoughts.

How to maintain a level head and excel as a designer

31 March 2014

For any designer aspiring to work in the digital industry, here are a few of my personal top tips on how to get the best out of your experience and exceed expectations.

Accessibility of the highest standards for the RNIB

28 March 2014

Working closely with the WCAG accessibility experts in RNIB along with a visually impaired consultant, we delivered a new, responsive website for the RNIB, a leading charity, offering information, support and advice to almost two million people with sight-related issues

Delivering practical support to medical professionals

28 March 2014

We recently launched the new BMA mobile site, with an informed information architecture that has been created using data been gathered over the past year on the most visited pages both on mobile and desktop.

Water Corporation: Quenching thirst for self-service

28 March 2014

After conducting a survey of more than 800 residents, Water Corporation identified the need to improve the way in which they interacted with customers and the wider community through a business-wide digital transformation.

Using tactics to drive online actions and reactions

27 March 2014

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” Having spent hours looking for a contemporary quote that would set the tone for our latest report,  I couldn’t find an example that did it so perfectly as one written 27 centuries ago.

Water Corporation's education booking calendar goes live!

27 March 2014

Water Corporation's Education Booking Calendar has just launched which will help transform online booking in the education sector.

How to stand out from the crowd in the Professional Services sector

25 March 2014

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reviewing a wide range of professional service firm websites – from legal firms, to accountants, wealth managers, management consultancies and technology advisors. Overall I have been underwhelmed by a sector that should be leveraging the web far more effectively than it is.

Understanding hosting phrases and acronyms: Derek's jargon buster Part 1

25 March 2014

For the vast majority of people, the words, phrases and acronym’s I churn out on a daily basis sound altogether foreign. So, in order to try and demystify the world of hosting, I’ve created my own two part jargon busting guide.

Six video trends you can apply that will maximise your ROI

19 March 2014

This months guest blogger - Gary Keene,  Head of Enterprise at Kulu Valley - explores the six key video trends that are having a substantial impact on the ways in which clients are maximizing the ROI of their video investment.

New report now launched - Engaging customers in the new digital world

17 March 2014

Our latest report uses best practice examples from over 25 organisations across a range of sectors to demonstrate how and why organisations are rapidly moving away from the more traditional tactics based marketing strategy towards a customer engagement strategy.

The marketer's introduction to business hosting

13 March 2014

Investing in good web hosting can drastically improve your SEO and usability and increase sales and engagement, but it's easy to get bamboozled by the smokescreen of technical jargon banded around. So I have put together a simple introduction to business hosting.

25 years of the web, where do we go from here?

12 March 2014

I was 5 years old when Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web, the impact of which has been beyond anything that people in 1989 could have conceived. Precedent was launched that very same year, destined to have the web at its heart. But what has 25 years of the web really meant? And where do we go from here?

Taking your first step towards digital leadership

10 March 2014

Leadership teams need to fully explore the digital world if they are to be seen by their staff and customers as credible custodians of a digital future. I have collated a list of 25 mini projects to try alongside your day job. Hopefully you are doing many of them - but if not - now is the time to take action.

Is wearable tech the next BIG thing for the travel sector?

21 February 2014

Digital innovations and social media have always been well adopted by the travel and leisure sector. They rely on staying ahead of the curve to deliver customer experiences that ensure they remain competitive and can steal the market share. But could wearable technology really be the next big thing?

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Personas, Part 1

20 February 2014

Personas are one of the most important tools in the UX toolkit but they can create confusion if you’re not clear on how they should be used. We get a lot of questions on the topic, so here's part one of our quick-guide to what they are, and what they are NOT.

The Power of a Story - From Janitor's Assistant to Mr Wall Street

14 February 2014

Sidney Weinberg, one of eleven childen to a Jewish wholesale liquor dealer made his way up Wall Street from a janitor's assistant to CEO. This is the power of a story and how we use stories in all areas of digital.

Precedent featured in econsultancy's responsive digital agency sites blog

11 February 2014

Last year we gave our website a complete overhaul and  went responsive. We were pleased to see our lovely website featured in a recent econsultancy blog - '10 responsive digital agency websites'!

25 Glorious Years

04 February 2014

How do you visualise 25 years in digital? Here's an insider look at the new brand mark created by our designers to celebrate Precedent's latest milestone. 

Are you or your customers living 'The DREAM?'

30 January 2014

We shared our knowledge of the travel, tourism and destinations sector, presenting at a number events across 2013. In this five minute video, our Head of Digital - Lindsay Herbert - summarises what our latest report for the destinations sector is all about.

Recovering from a bad name

30 January 2014

There are some things everyone feels entitled to be rude about. James Blunt is high on that list. But despite being mocked and derided, Blunt has risen above the insults with wit and transparency and is well on the way to becoming a Twitter hero

Mobile First – Your last chance year

30 January 2014

It’s not really news. We’ve been banging on about the rise and rise of mobile since 2011. But then we were looking at the straws in the wind and seeing what the early adopters were doing. Now we’re well into the mainstream, and if you’re not fully capable of supporting smartphones and tablets, you will be left behind.

Make your local network work for you

30 January 2014

As a destination, you’ve always relied on a local network of businesses to help bring visitors to you. Whether it is leaflets in B&B's or adverts on the sides of buses, you’ve always known that accommodation and transport services help you. But there is a lot more you could be doing. The question is, are you exploiting those opportunities? 

Creating a Digital Transformation Engine

29 January 2014

Digital Transformation. What is it exactly? It's tempting to talk about digital generation, mobility, the rise of social, the wisdom of the crowd and big data, but I think there are three key elements to creating 'The Digital Transformation Engine'...

The future of future-proofing

17 January 2014

Could we have predicted back in 2005 that the ipad would launch in 2010 and change the whole PC business? And what about Google Glass? Do we know what impact it will have had by 2018? Probably not. But future proofings not impossible. We look at what is achievable and how to tackle it.

Non Exec Phil Jones in The Drum New Year Honours

10 January 2014

This week The Drum published their New Years Honours list and our very own non exec Phil Jones was crowned 'Networker of the Year'.


Sharing the latest digital trends and our top tips for graduates getting into digital

20 December 2013

Our Head of Digital, Lindsay Herbert shares her thoughts on digital trends and with dot rising at this years Digital Marketing Show.

Watch the new video case study for the 'Home of Golf'

13 December 2013

We had the pleasure of working with the team at St Andrew Links, delivering a new website and mobile app that informed and engaged the user and provided a world class experience. Watch our latest video telling the story of how we helped  transform the online presence for ‘The Home of Golf'.

Orchestrating Change: the digital move to the Australian education sector

03 December 2013

How I used my new personal adaption to change as inspiration to redesign the digital experience of one of Australia’s biggest universities..

The voice of WA’s youth, YACWA, launch their new mobile app

03 December 2013

YACWA launch their app to provide the youth of WA with an easy to use device to build stronger connections in the community.

The Water Corporation win Sitecore 2013 Site of the Year Award

03 December 2013

Western Australia’s leading supplier of water, the Water Corporation, wins Sitecore award for delivering their customers with the optimal online experience.

Edinburgh Apps – weekend pitching doesn’t get better than this!

13 November 2013

Now Sundays are usually a day of rest and relaxation but we ditched our dressing gowns and slippers and shook off our Saturday hangovers for a day of pitching, judging and most importantly – Winning!   

Tori Winn joins Precedent as Global Creative Director

11 November 2013

This month, we are delighted to announce that multi award-winning creative director Tori Winn, has joined us in the role of Global Creative Director to help bolster our continued growth and creative output across our UK and Asia Pacific operations.


Conference speaking in Norway - Elk, illness and that red star moment

05 November 2013

Earlier this month I was sat on a plane bound for Kristiansand in Norway where I had been invited as a main speaker for the 2013 Digital Tourism Campus for the destinations sector. At that time, I naively thought my next blog post would be highlights from the conference. Instead, I now find myself reminiscing on what was definitely one of the most surreal (and terrifying) moments of my professional career so far.

RSPCA launch their latest campaign site: The Smart Puppy and Dog Buyer's Guide

30 October 2013

The RSPCA have recently launched their latest campaign, developed through their ongoing partnership with Precedent.

Are you a digital Superhero?

29 October 2013

You don’t need tights and a cape to be truly transfomational but we stumbled accross a great blog from a recent attendee at our Daring to be Digital seminar which may just inspire you to tackle your digital project superhero style!

Digital innovation - what we're looking at in the Edinburgh studio

10 October 2013

Here at Precedent we are always tracking digital innovation and examples of best practice and we always try to share our thoughts and findings with our clients and anyone who will listen.

Precedent go East – our new Asia studio has opened in Hong Kong

04 October 2013

This week we are delighted to announce the official opening of our Hong Kong studio, located in the heart of Wan Chai.

Water Corporation: Using data charting to provide users with the optimum online experience

24 September 2013

Our new dams and rainfall tool for Water corporation has just launched, reinforcing the importance of a user centered design.

Sketchnoting: The skill you never knew you needed!

24 September 2013

I am one of those people that have, in the past, stated loudly (and with no little fear that someone might call me on it) ... "I can't draw."

Supporting an important cause at the 2013 WaterAid Ball

09 September 2013

We were excitied to get involved in Western Australia's premier fundraising event for WaterAid, the 2013 WaterAid Ball which provides relief from poverty from some of the world's poorest countries.

Tabloid Transformation – are you Daring to be Digital?

06 September 2013

On July 31st this year my attention was grabbed by the headline of a newspaper. The narrative that accompanied the headline started by saying that ‘Britain is changing at the speed of light’ and went on to say how the newspaper welcomed ‘ the incredible transformation of our country by technology’...

The first name in Golf launches online store for premium lifestyle clothing brand

05 September 2013

We are proud to launch the online store for high end men’s clothing brand, Tom Morris. Built using the Kentico CMS, and designed to work across mobile, tablet and desktop, the site brings together shopping, lifestyle editorial and even a little history.

UX Australia Conference: insights and inspiration

03 September 2013

Our UX Consultants attended the UX Australia Conference, which brings the UX community together to meet up and chat about all things UX. Our consultants share their insights here.

St Andrew’s Links gets shortlisted for another award

29 August 2013

Yesterday the BIMA shortlist was announced and we were delighted to see that the St Andrews Links design and build project has just received its second shortlist of the year!

Wi Fi? Wi not?

19 August 2013

Our last seminar for the destinations sector - The DREAM day out - saw the heavy weights of the sector converge at the BFI for a morning of digital brainstorming and discussion which focused around our latest digital report ‘Digitally promoting and enhancing the visitor experience’. One of the real talking points for our attendees was the dreaded debate about ‘FREE WIFI’.

Who’s the DADI!?

07 August 2013

We're excited to receive the news that St Andrews Links is a finalist for Best Use of Visual Design at the DADI Awards 2013, but the Edinburgh studio who put in all the hard work to deliver the goods are over the moon and rightly so. 


Do. Or do not. There is no try.

01 August 2013

When as a digital agency you decide it’s time to re develop your own web site there is a combination of fear and excitement. Perhaps a little more of the former! But today – 1st August 2013 - I’m delighted to say that with a little blood, sweat (worsening by the second with the heat wave outside) and tears, our new website has gone live!

Daring to be Digital

23 July 2013

Today, at the second in our Daring to be Digital breakfast seminar series, we launched our latest report, which looks at the difference between those who are digitally reactive, strategic, and transformational and asks: Which are you? What is the difference? And what is the business impact?

Dylan Thomas Centenary Website

18 July 2013

New website marks the 100 year anniversary of Wales’ most celebrated poet – Dylan Thomas

Precedent climb the Design Week Top 100

05 July 2013

The Design Week top 100 consultancy survey results have just been released and we are delighted to see we have risen up the ranks once more and are now at number 22.

Destination, Destination, Destination

04 July 2013

This week, our user experience and destinations sector expert, Rob Van Tol was out and about in London speaking to an audience of the UK’s leading visitor attractions at a rather glamorous Park Lane location - The Dorchester.

We always knew we were HOT but now its official!

24 June 2013

The BIMA 2013 Hot 100 list has been announced and our very own Paul Hoskins, founder of Precedent is in it!

A Top 20 ranking for Precedent in this year’s 'Top 100 Digital Agency Report'

20 June 2013

eConsultancy have just released their Top 100 Digital Agencies Report and we have moved up the rankings once again...

UK to Australia – my Mobile observations

17 June 2013

As Head of Mobile for Precedent, John Campbell is interested in how digital strategy, trends and acceptance differ across countries and sectors. His  last strategy work in Australia was in 2011, and so with anticipation he set out to see what changes there have been in mobile reach.

Bringing Leeds College of Music to life

04 June 2013

There are just nine Conservatoires in the UK but how do you stand out as the best and attract that small pool of media savvy, musically hungry students that everyone is vying for?

The value of commissioned imagery

24 May 2013

It was all looking so positive. Dynamic client, interesting sector, decent budget. And then I read the final paragraphs of the brief: "We use a royalty-free image library. We will not be commissioning bespoke photography for our new website."

When UX takes over your life!

13 May 2013

Ryan Sackett, UX Consultant at Precedent wonders whether UX has slowly taken over his life.

Guest Blog: Destination marketing and how families decide where to go on holiday

01 May 2013

Life is tough for parents. The last thing they want to worry about is deciding where to go on holiday, what movie to watch in the cinema or what smartphone to buy.

A world away from all your digital tech

29 April 2013

As a tech addict John Campbell finds it challenging but refreshing to have a weekend where there is no tech allowed.

3 lessons from a weekend artoholic

11 March 2013

Lindsay Herbert has collected three thoughts that relate well to her work as Head of Digital Marketing that she hopes will also be a help to others.

Forsake an advert, look at your website

07 March 2013

Adrian Porter recommends that attractions should ensure that every aspect of their digital engagement works simply and intuitively in order to minimise drop out and maximise conversion rates.

Go mobile, go social, go regional

26 February 2013

Robbie Deng describes the importance of understanding the distinctive regional preferences of social media platforms especially for audiences based in East Asia.

Closing the marketing loop - The digital engagement cycle for visitor attractions

04 February 2013

Digital communications and engagement plays a crucial role in not just recruiting visitors to an attraction, but also in ensuring that they have a satisfying and rewarding experience at it.

I want it all! Working with complex organisations

17 January 2013

If they ever make a rock opera about developing new websites, consultants like me would bounce in, a la the Spice Girls, asking: So tell me what you want, what you really really want? And our clients would respond in Queen-esque falsetto: I want it all…and I want it now!

What do you do when you see someone sleeping rough?...

18 December 2012

Launched in December 2012, Streetlink enables members of the public, police officers, healthcare professionals, and rough sleepers themselves to make contact with local authorities and support organisations.

The content monster ate my site!

21 November 2012

As monsters go, a mass of clearly written information doesn’t sound that scary. Quantity, however, has a quality all of its own. As the number of web pages climbs past the few thousand, the ability of the web team to control it evaporates.

Work experience at Precedent Perth

14 November 2012

Amit Joshi describes his 3 months of work experience in Precedent's Perth office.

Generating brand awareness

08 November 2012

Lessons from our latest industry report '20 Scottish single malt distilleries: No time to sit still - building brand awareness in the digital world'

UK finance brands still struggling online!

25 September 2012

Adrian Porter examines how financial brands are still struggling to reconcile their online strategies, the purpose and focus of their various channels and the teams that run them.

A CASE of Education

07 September 2012

Adrian Porter and Lindsay Herbert spent a somewhat exhausting, but very fruitful time immersed in all things educational at the CASE Europe conference in Birmingham last week.

Melbourne: The Platform

07 September 2012

The City seeks to explore how digital technology can help keep Melbourne one of the greatest places to be today — at work, at play and at home.

Whisky, a new report and a T-shirt

30 August 2012

Our forthcoming report looks into the digital presence of Scottish distilleries. Specifically, those producing single malt whisky. As a result Adrian Porter has been trying to get his head around what is a somewhat complicated business, and what they should/could be doing online.

Has anyone done the maths? VAT and the membership magazine

11 July 2012

Our recommendations seek to make organisations think of ways, other than pdf and page turning software, of making the membership missive more interactive, content rich and accessible, as well as easier to distribute.

Creating a digital vision for your organisation

18 June 2012

Adrian Porter describes some approaches to getting buy-in from the top to ensure a digital vision is at the heart of your organisation’s future.

Precedent Flyers tackle Tesco Bank's 4 Abbeys Cycle Challenge

13 June 2012

Four of us from Precedent Edinburgh donned our Lycra and went down to Melrose in the Scottish Borders to take part in the 90km, 4 Abbeys Cycle Challenge - on tandems.

Keeping focus on your users during times of change

28 May 2012

With many structural changes, mergers and service changes within the NHS, it can be a challenge to communicate these successfully to your audiences.  However digital can be the perfect way to not only keep your audiences informed about these changes but also help them to embrace new ways of delivering services.

Making sense of Facebook’s timeline

24 May 2012

There has been much debate about Facebook’s timeline with an equal following of lovers and haters. With many marketers still finding their feet, we've put together a short hit list to help you make the most the timeline’s features quickly and easily.

Getting buy-in from the top: ensuring a digital vision for your membership organisation

16 May 2012

Adrian Porter shares some of our techniques for getting senior stakeholders to take digital seriously and release budget for digital projects.

A tale of work experience at Precedent Cardiff

30 April 2012

Design student Harry Rees describes his work experience at Precedent's Cardiff office.

The Mobile Experience: Getting It Right

30 April 2012

Mobile is big business. Gesture and voice based interactions have introduced a new way of interacting with the web, driving innovation and influencing customer behaviours and expectations.

Compliance: the elephant in the room for financial services online

20 April 2012

Building on our digital finance report, we proposed a roundtable event to get marketers and compliance professionals together to find some positive recommendations.

Precedent's Finance Forum Insights: Social media and blogging wins

21 February 2012

The roundtable discussions at our Digital Finance Forum quickly sparked participants swapping success stories for overcoming compliance restrictions and old fashioned thinking towards social media and blogging.

Challenges for Membership Organisations (No. 1): Sir Clive Woodward and the RFU

23 November 2011

Professional organisations are struggling to attract younger members. Sure they have the full attention of the youngsters when they are training, or they are aiming for some letters after their names, but after this engagement levels drop off considerably, if not entirely.

The trend to unfriend - brands beware!

17 November 2011

To be successful in the social space brands must not push traditional sales messages and need to adopt the tone of the medium (or a suitable personality), listen as well as talk, and wherever possible offer some sort of value, opinion, or insight.

Precedent's digital forum: what did we learn?

12 September 2011

On Friday we hosted a whole morning of finance-related presentations and workshops at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
Six of our experts provided insight from our recent report into the online landscape for UK financial service firms covering every aspect of digital strategy.

Social media: the networking event you can’t afford to miss

30 August 2011

In this, the fourth of a six part column contributed by Precedent to PSMG magazine, Lindsay Herbert talks through some deadly sins of social media, while giving three simple rules to help you succeed in the social space.

Integration or isolation? The finance report launches

09 August 2011

Adrian Porter introduces our latest sector report: Integration or isolation? - The digital landscape for UK financial services.

#Usabilityfail: stop wasting your marketing budget on bad usability

11 July 2011

Do you spend more on marketing your website than you do on ensuring that it is a high quality, engaging experience that lets your audience do what they want to do easily? I'm guessing yes. Most organisations do.

Learning from your users

31 May 2011

In this, the second of a six part column contributed by Precedent to PSMG magazine, Mark Sherwin looks at the best way of learning from you users and their needs.

Design meets disaster relief: Japan

18 March 2011

It's good to see so many designers creating work to support the fundraising effort for the Japan earthquake appeals this week.

Mobile platform market share: who's winning?

09 March 2011

With some recent figures in from the industry we have been looking at some of the trends in mobile market share, from device manufacturer to operating system.

The new role of GPs: information prescriber

20 January 2011

Finding the right good quality health information is getting harder by the day for the public. GPs have an important new role in directing patients to NHS and charity websites, but this is not yet part of the 'information revolution' that we have been promised.

The internet is talking about you behind your back

10 December 2009

Web 2.0 has turned the internet into a giant virtual playground where the choice is to fit-in or fall-out. Thanks to social networking sites, your brand, products, and services are up for round-the-clock criticism and review.

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