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A world away from all your digital tech

In this fast moving world where we constantly have a connection to our favourite piece of digital tech maybe our phone, tablet or games consol.  The flat screen TV mounted on the wall at home bombarding you with broadcasting gems of today and the radio always on in the car. As a tech addict myself it is challenging but refreshing to have a weekend where you have no option – no tech allowed. The rules of the Highlander Mountain Marathon I took part in is that you have no technical help or access to any device and you are focused on navigating around the snowy Scottish mountains in a team of two with you tent and everything you need on your back. The team work, the challenge and escape to another world (photos below) for a couple of days is the best lift you can have.

All you have is a map - where's my GPS when I need it?

I am not suggesting everyone does a Mountain Marathon but try and leave behind your digital connections for a couple of days, just experience life as it was. It is refreshing in the world where digital addiction has potential of becoming a problem.