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Accessibility of the highest standards for the RNIB

Craig Cartwright Head of Technical Solutions

The new information architecture and design is quick and easy to use and coupled with a new open source CMS achieves accessibility of the highest standards, and now allows the RNIB to deliver many more of their services online and provide a platform to move forward with.

The aim was to design a site that combined the best elements of their accessibility needs along with retaining a beautiful and simplistic design. Colour played a key part in the look and feel of the site and we worked closely with The Good Agency on the branding to guide them on the colour palette that should be used online.

The website is highly functional and works across a multitude of viewpoints. We adopted a responsive framework to deliver the page templates – this allowed us to not just address the traditional responsive approach of down-sizing to tablet/mobile but also provide a platform to allow content upsizing including adapting for SmartTVs and console delivery.

Features of the site include a fixed left hand primary navigation that allows the user to scale up and down; a descriptive navigation to better inform users from the start of the journey; and a large aspirational area on the home page that is focused on people in real environments. User journeys were also simplified, and the new aim is to make the new oversized search work harder to drive the majority of the traffic through the site and help inform the RNIB on the information their visitors are accessing most frequently.

Though accessibility is important in all our projects, one of the main challenges here was not just to meet the traditional WCAG accessibility standards but instead to adopt and achieve the RNIB’s surf right standards: Taking the best elements of WCAG across the three levels (A,AA and AAA) while also addressing other accessibility issues for sight-related web browsing.

Phase two will concentrate on joining up the previously disjointed systems to provide RNIB with more integration between systems, including their CRM and e-commerce. It will also focus on building a new online community with discussion forums.