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Device context - where customers are and what they are using

Sean Gardiner Managing Director (AsiaPac)

As part of our latest report - Driving Actions and Reactions Online: Engaging customers in the new digital world - we established five key areas that should work together as part of a customer engagement strategy. Here I offer my thoughts on the second of the five: Devices and their context.

Clearly you cannot control when, where and how your customers access your content, but you can control how your content is presented. If your digital presence isn’t mobile optimised, you need to very quickly ask yourself what disadvantages and risks – particularly reputational – you are exposing yourself to.

Realistically in this day and age you should ask what the context of the asset delivery is likely to be to your customers? Will they be looking at your assets on the sofa, on the train, in a meeting or on the road?

Understanding the context allows you to understand which devices your customers might access your assets from, and consequently the most appropriate ones to deliver.

Finally you should ask to what extent you can gain advantage, or indeed mutual value, by being specific about your asset delivery to devices other than, but also including, the desktop/laptop.

Tactically your options are numerous, ranging from the simplest mobile website to the most device specific personalised app or website catering to the needs of an individual.

Irrespective of the route you take, your decision should be based on potential return, focused on your primary targets and rooted in a sound knowledge of your customers’ behaviour.

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