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Online service – It’s not all about direct funnels

James Downes Director of Digital Experience (UK)

Online service – It’s not all about direct funnels

As part of our latest report - Driving Actions and Reactions Online: Engaging customers in the new digital world - we established five key areas that should work together as part of a customer engagement strategy. Here I offer my thoughts on the third of the five: Online Services.

While sales funnels are of the utmost importance and need to be established and monitored regularly, the plain fact is that it can take more than SEO, link building, integrated social channels and clever marketing to get your customers into the funnel in the first place. Or at least you need to understand the journey your customers are taking to arrive at the ‘top of your funnel’ if you want to increase conversions.

Ultimately the best way to increase conversions is to improve the UX of your website, which is about removing points of friction along the fulfilment route, but it is also about anticipating needs, surprising your customers with a fantastic piece of information and making it simple for them to buy-in to you.

Of course this is about providing an exemplary customer experience*, but a holistic customer experience strategy can require institutional change in processes and personnel, something that most institutions are only just beginning to grapple with.

Tactically you should be thinking that helping people is all part of the service, the more you can assist them in their journey to an action or reaction the better your likely return.

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