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Precedent and The Drum celebrate the 20/2000 visionaries


To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we have partnered with The Drum to create the 20/2000 visionaries campaign to unearth some of the inspirational stories behind the digital agencies that have stood the test of time. We didn’t get to 25 unscathed. Growing from a one man band in a tiny office in once unglamorous Shoreditch, to a 150 strong team working across three continents was no walk in the park. The journey we have taken and the lessons we have learnt along the way, have made us the agency we are today.

In the words of Google's Eric Schmit 'We have only just begun!' 25 is not an end point, merely the beginning of a new challenge. Board rooms around the world are in many cases only just waking up to the real meaning of the 'Digital Revolution'. Buzz words such as mobile enterprise, big data, social organisations, contextual design, multi-device experiences and customer engagement are being bandied around more than ever.

It’s left to us to take these bold aspirations and turn them into tangible, practical and valuable realities. Everyday new agencies, service providers and solutions emerge into the marketplace. However I think this band of 20/2000 visionaries have already stood the test of digital time. To survive has taken a healthy dose of optimism, good common sense, a determination not to get wrapped up in hyperbole, and underpinning this a real sense of what is possible and a willingness to innovate and create to get there.

The article is aptly named 'Here's to the Pioneers' - A look at 20 great digital shops founded prior to the year 2000. You can read the 20/2000 Visionaries feature in the latest edition of The Drum, published today (30th April).

And you can view our timeline here