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New - Digital Transformation Leadership Summits

Cory Hughes Client Services Director

As more and more organisations come to recognise that digital has to be central to transform their organisations for the future, we have found an increase in the number of both current and prospective clients looking for advice on where to begin.

We have since developed tailored leadership summits for those interested in digitally transforming. Bespoke to each client, they have been designed to help inspire and motivate senior management teams, get buy in on the importance of digital transformation, and provide the starting point for an organisation wishing to make a digital investment.

Our half and full day interactive summits are designed to: 

  • provide an understanding of your organisation’s current landscape and how digital supports you
  • help your organisation cope with differing levels of digital maturity
  • bring in perspectives from outside the organisation you know so very well
  • maximise the potential of your current resources without getting caught up by blockers and immediate limitations
  • separate out the short-term recommendations for effective immediate action, from the long-term vision of how the future will play out
  • coalesce a group of busy senior figures into a leadership group with a shared language, shared understanding and shared vision
  • provide you with a report identifying short, medium and long-term actions to transform your digital offering.

If you think we could help you take those first steps towards digital transformation or support you in getting an existing project back on track, get in touch. We would love to lend a hand. We can provide the costs attached to running a leadership summit and talk you through timescales and the planned approach.

Contact our Relationship Manager, Remeny Armitage for a chat on 020 7426 8905 or