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Integration or isolation? The finance report launches

Adrian Porter Head of Strategic Research

It is with a sense of relief, and not a little gratitude to my colleagues, that I can formally announce the launch of our latest sector report: Integration or isolation? – The digital landscape for UK financial services.

I have been producing big reports into various sector websites for over ten years and the title of this one had me reflecting on the process that we undertake to get these reports ‘to press’.

As always the research and data collection is really the easy bit. It can be done in isolation. Just put me in front of a computer, leave me alone for a few weeks with a spreadsheet and ‘the job’s a good ‘un’!

It’s the concept, design, proofing and coordination of the people who help me bring the reports together that presents the biggest challenge – the integration.

This latest report is definitely one of the most integrated we have produced. It contains opinions and comment from seven of our experts, and is the product of work by two or three designers, many a proof reader and general input from all the studios, including our studio in Perth Australia!

So why not read it? Even if you aren’t in the financial world but are involved in social media, the user experience, mobile, governance or digital strategy there will be something of interest in it for you. If you are wondering why it is titled ‘Integration or isolation?’ It is because we were investigating whether the big finance companies used the digital landscape in an integrated fashion. What we found was that invariably their digital channels were operating in isolation. And interestingly this seemed to suggest that internally they were working towards individual goals, rather than in pursuit of common business-wide strategic objectives.

Perhaps they should talk to me about bringing together a team of experts to meet a common objective, although I have to say that that is the difficult bit.

It would make me and my work mates very happy if you read the report, share it around and pass back your comments. To get your hands on a copy, please request one from, including 'finance' in the subject line.