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Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Mark Sherwin Chief Strategy Officer

When as a digital agency you decide it’s time to re develop your own web site there is a combination of fear and excitement. Perhaps a little more of the former!

There is an old saying about how cobblers shoes never get repaired because they are so busy looking after their customer’s footwear. Look around at digital agencies sites and you’ll see a similar theme. With our new site we were determined to create something worthy of a world class agency. We wanted a site that was equally at home on desktop and mobile, a site that shared our meaningful ideas and demonstrated our intelligent delivery.

We asked for volunteers and those that didn’t duck fast enough, were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, or in a few heroic cases actually volunteered, became our merry band of user experience advisors, designers and developers.

Having learnt from previous experiences, we clearly delineated the client team (sales and marketing) from the delivery team (our Cardiff studio). We held workshops and brainstorms, sketched, prototyped and finessed designs and started to develop content plans. We selected the Kentico content management system as a great fit for our needs, and due to our Gold Partnership status were kindly offered a license gratis.

After a couple of rounds of design development, a rather swift change in creative direction led by Paul Hoskins our Founder who rightly demanded a more authoritative and confident approach, we were ready to put the content in. Despite spending many a project kick-off meeting highlighting the risks of underestimating the challenges of content and asset creation … we did indeed underestimate the challenge of content and asset creation!

A quick regrouping, some much needed tone of voice guidelines, a better structured content plan and another round of volunteering (press-ganging) and we had our content team ready to motor.
On the day I kicked off the project to create our new site I bought my new Moleskin diary for 2013 with the Yoda quote – ‘Do. Or do not. There is no try’ on the front cover. I was determined that before the pages of my diary were full we would have a new website that reflects what Precedent is today. I’m delighted to say that today, 1st August 2013 we’ve achieved that.

Taking a healthy measure of our own advice, this is not the end but just the beginning. We’ll be undertaking an on-going process of content enhancement and tailoring, paying particular attention to feedback and analytics. We’ll also be undertaking 3 or 4 enhancement sprints a year, to ensure that the site evolves with the web, the business and our customers’ expectations.

I do hope you enjoy our new site and return regularly as it evolves. 

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