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Precedent's digital forum: what did we learn?

Adrian Porter Head of Strategic Research

Those of you who have known Precedent for any length of time will be aware of our very successful seminar series. On Friday we took a departure from our usual two speech and breakfast format to host a whole morning of finance-related presentations and workshops at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Six of our experts provided insight from our recent report into the online landscape for UK financial service firms covering every aspect of digital strategy. In the interactive breakout sessions delegates and our consultants discussed how various digital channels are being used and took time to share the challenges that they all face. It became clear that the big issue for people working in finance communications and marketing is the lack of dedicated digital teams and the ever-present shadow of compliance that often make the real-time nature of channels like Twitter and Facebook difficult to use effectively.

In answer to my question as to whether delegates thought that their teams were integrated (pulling together in pursuit of a common strategy) there was unanimous agreement that they were not and that many of the channels that they are using are being used in an isolated manner by individual internal departments.

Judging from the feedback we received from attendees the morning was a resounding success, with everyone saying that they had found it inspirational and insightful. So if you would like to attend a similar event then why not join us at the Missoni Hotel in Edinburgh on Friday. You can book your place on our Precedent seminars page. We will also be repeating the event in London in November, so stay tuned if you missed it last week or if you would like to recommend the event to a colleague.

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