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Orchestrating Change: the digital move to the Australian education sector

Rufus Spiller Creative Director (AsiaPac)

Recently relocating from the UK to Australia, orchestrating change was central to all facets of my lifestyle. Monash, a powerhouse in the education sector, were looking to change their current digital experience. How could I use my new personal adaption to change as inspiration to redesign the digital experience of one of Australia’s biggest universities?

At Precedent, we worked with the central stakeholders to deliver a responsive redesign of the top level of the Monash University main site. Often the agency or the central departments can be seen as the conductors of the piece but their roles are really composers. To be successful our role needs to be one of constant adaption to change. 

Much of our work is in bringing the various elements together and ensuring that we listen to what each brings to the ensemble. Our aim in, what I call, "large-scale transformational digital design” is to build a system that is not a straitjacket for individual virtuosity but one that can offer the basic brand pillars of navigation, reassurance and engagement. 

And so we have our ensemble; agency, central business departments, individual business units and key stakeholder, each playing a vital part. For me changing any organisation large or small is fascinating and prone to analogy. 

Delivering the symphony is a gradual progression and we are just beginning an exciting one with Monash. Working with such a large organisation has developed challenges from which we have defined a target governance model, measurement framework and delivery of an implementation roadmap following holistic user experience, content strategy and change management communications.

We are rewriting and understanding the subtle changes in the organisation and tuning the composition accordingly; adapting to change has allowed for an open relationship between Precedent and Monash. 

We are consistently analysing the current state Monash web presence, incorporating consultation with key business stakeholders and external audiences to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation by hosting interviews, workshops, data analysis, guerrilla interviews and usability testing.

The creation of graphical customer journeys and a ‘master persona’ set clearly articulates the digital future state vision and informs the design and delivery of all Monash digital products and services into the future.