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Unveiling the new British Heart Foundation website on #givingtuesday

The British Heart Foundation’s new 2020 strategy is boldly singular: Fund more cutting-edge medical research to win the fight against cardiovascular disease, and a new digital platform is critical to its success. Today, on #GivingTuesday the new website launched.

The BHF partnered with us in 2013 to build a sophisticated new digital platform, designed to drive engagement with heart patients and supporters, convert users into fundraisers and donors, and deliver a suite of online tools designed to boost fundraising and donations.

Dr Charmaine Griffiths, Director of Strategy and Performance at the BHF said “No part of our new strategy to 2020 can be delivered without the new website. It’s the new virtual home of the BHF and a lifeline to many heart patients and their families.

“Alongside that the site has diverse range of audiences, from scientists applying for funding, to house movers looking to book a house clearance. The platform plays a key role in us becoming bolder, braver and more focused to get the biggest impact from our work.”

With around half of the sites 600,000 visits each month coming from mobile devices, there was a requirement for to be mobile and tablet optimised. Built using Sitecore, the new site includes extensive system integrations and automated processes, making user journeys and transactions easier and more engaging on mobile and tablet devices.

“The first thing you’ll notice when visiting the new website is that it has been radically de-cluttered. The focus now firmly back on the person visiting the site rather than organisational structures – everything around the site is dedicated to supporting and elevating the user experience” says Lindsay Herbert, Precedent’s Global Head of Digital.

Some of the instant wins for the BHF are the simple changes made to the donation and fundraising processes, and Supporters can now choose to donate in memory or celebration of someone or they can donate by specific campaign.

Equally, another big change has been recognising the importance of social when it comes to fundraising – a significant revenue driver for the BHF. Anyone interested in participating in an event can now register online, manage their account, join, create and manage their own fundraising teams with ease.  It provides the ability for fundraisers to have fun, be competitive, and all importantly it makes managing the event far easier.

Chris Thorn, Head of Digital at the BHF said “Scalability is key to match our strategic ambition for growth, and we now have a platform that gives us the flexibility and tools to grow a digital-first approach within the organisation. The launch of is just the beginning of our digital journey. After launch we will be working with Precedent to deploy new features to the site, as testing with our visitors’ reveals new opportunities to improve what we do.”