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The changing face of commerce - a digital overhaul for global service provider GS1 UK

We have been working with the UK arm of GS1, the company behind the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world, to build a sophisticated new digital platform –built in Sitecore – that will enable global organisations of all sizes and in all sectors to stay at the forefront of commerce and trade effectively. And we are pleased to see it go live.

Over 2 million companies globally use GS1 standards – including the now iconic retail barcode. In the UK alone they provide services to over 28,000 members. GS1 standards are used by every major retailer, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, John Lewis, and all their suppliers, and the rapidly growing  number of traders on Amazon for whom a GS1 identification number is required in order to trade. Recently the Department of Health mandated the use of GS1 standards in NHS England – to deliver savings and improved patient care.

“Barcodes are everywhere. As a society, we have just become accustomed to seeing barcodes on a daily basis, but most of us don’t give much thought to how they work, or how they can help our businesses run more efficiently. GS1 have over 2 million member companies and there are at least 5 billion GS1 barcodes being scanned every day - but they do far more than this. We are constantly innovating to ensure we can offer our members technical solutions that can enable them to trade globally in the most efficient way possible. The new website is perfectly placed to support our ambitious future plans to serve our members. ” Tim Brown, Marketing & Insight Manager, GS1 UK

Although they may not be a household name with us consumers, they deliver a business critical service, ensuring organisations can be more efficient by getting everybody speaking the same language when it comes to locating, transporting and trading goods. The new  website will support their growth, both in emerging sectors such as health and in the investment and delivery of new technologies such as RFID .

Tim added  “The investment we have made in digital has been done to ensure we can offer a flexible and scalable service, providing a rich and personalised experience for all of our members and prospects.”

Over the course of the next year, we will be working with GS1 UK to enhance the website, using the Sitecore DMS to deliver personalisation to their users, ensuring all content served up is relevant and that they can begin to use the insight gleaned to understand what new services can be delivered and to whom.  

You can view the new GS1 UK website here.