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Make your local network work for you

Rob Van Tol Strategy Consultant

As a destination, you’ve always relied on a local network of businesses to help bring visitors to you. Whether it is leaflets in B&B's or ads on the sides of buses, you’ve always known that accommodation and transport services help you.

But you can do more than that! You can reach out to the people behind these businesses and convert them into ambassadors for you, showing them your visitor attraction and showing them how to exploit digital to make visiting easier.

Invite people such as taxi drivers, bus drivers, tour guides, hotel concierges and owners of guest houses and small hotels to your attraction for free during the a quiet period, under the banner of an event like 'Tourism Week'.

Let them sample the benefits of your attraction for free (perhaps with a friend) so that they can become your recommenders to the tourists they serve. Seed them with promotional materials and goodie-bags and show them how people can use their mobiles, tablets and the web to find out about you and book their visit.