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Mobile First – Your last chance year

Rob Van Tol Strategy Consultant

Tesco Travel Insurance Mobile App

It’s not really news. We’ve been banging on about the rise and rise of mobiles since 2011. But then we were looking at the straws in the wind and seeing what the early adopters were doing. Now we’re well into the mainstream, and if you’re not fully capable of supporting smartphones and tablets, you will be left behind.

Here’s just one factoid amongst many stats that can illustrate the point. IBM conducts a Boxing Day survey of retail sales analytics. Here are the results from this Christmas: 

  • Just under half of all online sales (45%) came from mobile devices
  • Over half of all retail traffic (58%) came from mobiles – this accounts for the window shopping phenomena: People in physical stores checking prices on their mobiles before they buy from the shop
  • These figures are up 40% from their 2012 Boxing Day survey

If you’re sites don’t render properly on smaller screens, 2014 is probably your last chance to get that fixed. If you don't, you will  fall seriously behind the consumer trend in favouring the use of mobile devices over desktop and laptop PCs, and be left at a disadvantage compared to your mobile-friendly competitors.