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Recovering from a bad name

Rob Van Tol Strategy Consultant

There are some things everyone feels entitled to be rude about. James Blunt is high on that list. But despite being mocked and derided, Blunt has risen above the insults with wit and transparency and is well on the way to becoming a Twitter hero.

@JamesBlunt twitter account already has over 500,000 followers (up 200,000 from December). He his is an object lesson in cutting across the public projection of him, and showing a sharp, humble, funny and nice guy.

If people think they know you, show them a different side and play with the “public face” that people think they know – it cleverly subverts people’s assumptions about you in a way they will enjoy. It’s the opposite of contradicting people with any kind of “you’re wrong about me” message, which is confrontational and just gets people’s backs up.

He also keeps his Facebook page as a straighter, less “catty” fan environment, for the 5,781,779 people who have liked his page