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Bringing Leeds College of Music to life

There are just nine Conservatoires in the UK but how do you stand out as the best and attract that small pool of media savvy, musically hungry students that everyone is vying for?

We were commissioned to undertake a full rebrand and digital project for Leeds College of Music (LCoM) with a brief to establish a credible identity for them as the most progressive conservatoire in the United Kingdom.

We were ready to help them break the mould!

We aimed for an entirely conceptual visual identity and brand mark, generated by music itself. We were inspired by the language of music and the visualisation of sound and wanted to use this in some way to create a brand with a difference.

Experimentation around this idea lead us to the award-winning computational designer Karsten Schmidt.

We worked with him to develop a new visual identity that LCoM could wear as a badge of pride, and that the many diverse students who are the heart and soul of the college could own and feel a connection to.

The centre piece of this is the new Leeds College of Music logo. It is composed of a sound signature, created at random so this it could be taken to represent any genre of music. The new design is not only technically impressive but it creates beautiful sound signatures that can be owned by students and staff. It is now being used across all print and digital communications, as part of their recruitment campaigns and will soon be used in live performances, with the sound projected as light.

The site launched earlier this year and gained lots of positive feedback from the college and students alike, check it out at