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Join us on 2nd July where we will be speaking at an exclusive event for membership organisations

Lindsay Herbert Head of Digital (Global)

Whether it’s attracting or retaining members, subscription-based organisations have seen a significant shift in their member relationship management over the past few years. Members are becoming more demanding, expecting self-service access to their membership services, full time support, and tailored communication. Managing members has become a much greater challenge. But the digital opportunities available, if adopted, can allow modern membership organisations to thrive.

On the 2nd July, I will be taking the stage alongside the British Medical Association, membership experts Crimsonwing, Microsoft and a number of other membership organisations, where I will be talking about the many ways in which digital can and is being used to tackle the current challenges that the sector are facing and why it is vital that modern membership organisations look outside of the sector to gain inspiration on the best ways in which to do this.

Find out more about the event and secure your free place here