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The Mobile Experience - how and where are your customers engaging with you?

Adrian Porter Head of Strategic Research

In Econsultancy’s latest quarterly digital intelligence report, 62% of company respondents surveyed said that understanding how mobile users research and buy products is very important for their digital marketing over the next few years, up from 56% last year and 47% in 2012.

In light of this research and pre-empting our Customer Experience report, launching in Autumn this year, we were keen to do some research of our own, looking specifically at the mobile experience and how mobile is being used in a number of our key sectors.

Launching next week - ‘The Mobile Finance Experience Whitepaper’

Having done something similar back in 2011 for the finance sector, I decided now was as good a time as any to revisit that survey and look at how the mobile landscape has matured in the sector over the past three years.

We surveyed 50 financial organisations, from banks and building societies to asset managers and online only providers, to see who is providing the best mobile experience for their customers and prospective customers. It also looks at the trends around mobile usage, providing tips on what to think about when planning your mobile strategy. Key to this is understanding the importance of ‘device context’.

How and where are your customers engaging with you?

How does your customers’ online usage vary from weekday to weekend, morning to evening? You have the answers. They sit there in your analytics, but finding the time to dissect them and find out what is truly relevant is one of the key problems most organisations face.

The whitepaper provides some general stats on usage and how it differs throughout the day/week and the different devices being used, but finding out how your organisation compares to the will significantly help your chances or providing the best mobile experience.

What are they looking for and when? When are they more likely to browse and when do they more likely to buy?

Knowing the trends will help you deliver information quicker and more effectively and the more you know about the journey they take, the better you can become and signposting them to where you want them to go, using clear messaging to help them make that all important purchase.

Using and understanding your data and creating user scenarios that allow you to understand the myriad of customer types that will engage with you each and every day. From the person making first contact, needing to be handheld through the process to the ‘I don’t want fluff and marketing I just want to get the relevant information and act’. The more you get into your customers mindset and understand their behaviour and device usage, the more likely you will be to deliver solutions that attract and retain them.

To receive a copy of the whitepaper, email or request a copy online