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Mobile platform market share: who's winning?

With some recent figures in from the industry we have been looking at some of the trends in mobile market share, from device manufacturer to operating system. Nielsen provide a very recent summary from a group sample which neatly bands the manufacturers with the operating systems:

For more details on this survey by Neilsen, see here.

Okay - this study is specific to the US market, however, what's certainly notable is that the diversity in the market is exciting and constantly changing. Watching where this goes in the next few months will be very interesting to follow.

Since the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona last month, we have seen a lot of news with criticism of the Nokia/Windows partnership. Many believe this to be a detrimental move for Nokia and marks a loss of its independence. We also noted that with Nokia banking on Windows 7 phone for its Smartphone solution that in effect it leaves no large European Smartphone company left - a sad realisation for many in the industry. Many Nokia employees suddenly feel insecure and many are likely lose their jobs in the coming months through re-structuring; find out more in the conversations here:

Will the Nokia/Microsoft partnership payoff? Only time will tell...

Finally, Android seems to be trending; their stand at the conference in Barcelona had giant Android robots with slides - almost like a miniature fairground. People obviously had a lot of fun and it has clearly strengthened their brand.