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New report now launched - Engaging customers in the new digital world

Clare Jones Head of Marketing

This week sees the launch of our latest report 'Driving Actions and reactions online: Engaging customers in the new digital world.' 

It looks at the difference between the traditional sphere of influence; create a channel; control a message; provoke engagement; and the new less controllable three dimensional sphere of influence; where the way a company’s proposition is viewed, now regularly rest in the hands of independent review and comparison sites.

It is this new sphere of influence that organisations now have to learn how to manage, and our new report shows how you can implement a solid customer engagement strategy which will not only improve customer engagement, but will also provoke the desired actions and reactions that in turn, deliver results.”

Adrian Porter, our Head of Insight, and the author of the report saidOrganisations tend to ask agencies for strategies, whether it be social media, personalisation, content or mobile. However, in most cases, the objective they are aiming for can be delivered far quicker and at a much lesser cost by implementing a simple customer engagement strategy. Doing this enables you to focus on the three most important elements: A) Who are your customers, B) How do they want to engage with you, and C) What is the desired action/reaction you want from them?”

This report covers the five key tactical areas of delivery; digital assets, device context, online services, customisation experiences and community engagement. It demonstrates how a customer engagement strategy which first responds to an objective and from this then puts in place tactical initiatives that are cross-cutting and interdependent, will ensure success over the long term.

Request a copy of the report here