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Six video trends you can apply that will maximise your ROI

This month,  Gary Keene, Head of Enterprise at Kulu Valley was guest speaker at our Digital Asset Managers Breakfast. He explored the six key video trends that are having a substantial impact on the ways in which clients are maximizing the ROI of their video investment.  He is this month's guest blogger.

Enterprise video has gone mass market as technology evolves and consumers are enabled to watch content anytime everywhere on their computers, tablets and smartphones. With Enterprise video user consumption forecasted to increase from two hours per month in 2010 to 16 hours per month by 2016, video strategy has emerged as a key element in any content marketing strategy. But how do you achieve optimal results?

We see six trends in the enterprise video space that are having a substantial impact on the ways in which clients are maximizing the ROI of their video investment:

  1. Different voices for different audiences
  2. Speed to market
  3. What's the ask, and where do you put it?
  4. The changing role of Live
  5. Data gathering…into CRM
  6. Agile production   

- Live and on-demand video content is being targeted towards specific audiences and its impact on moving the sales cycle forwards is being measured closely. 

- Content is being tweaked to maximize its impact, with the parameters typically being the duration, regularity, theme, editorial stance, the nature of the commitment being asked for, and the timing of that commitment. 

- Clients are asking for feedback from their audiences, and using this data alongside viewing stats, and analytics such as Google or Omniture to get a much greater insight into what increases the speed of conversion, deal value, loyalty, and cross-selling well as providing detailed and meaningful ROI, and a feed into marketing dashboards.      

I have put together a video that explains these trends in more detail and looks at how they can be adopted successfully by any organisation.

Watch the video to find out more about the six top video trends right now