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Water Corporation's education booking calendar goes live!

As part of our work with Western Australia’s leading provider of water, Water Corporation have just launched their Education Booking Calendar which will help transform online booking in the education sector.

The new tool is part of an ongoing digital transformation that Water Corporation is undertaking to provide their users with the optimal online experience. Targeted at teachers and the education industry, the tool allows users to see live availability when making bookings, improving the user’s experience and administrative process for managing bookings and resources. 

Our user experience consultants developed prototypes to test teacher’s ability to navigate the site, to understand their needs and expectations when booking incursions, and their likelihood of registering for the site to access additional functionality.

The online calendar allows teachers to select a convenient time and date based on live data, year level and topic for students. Once the form is submitted and confirmed by Water Corporation staff, the teachers are able to edit and resubmit their bookings, and cancel anywhere up to 2 days before.

As well as providing a useful tool for teachers, the calendar helps the Water Corporation education team to manage the bookings they receive and automate the messaging that is sent out to staff and school teachers, easing pressure off operations.

There is scope for phase 2 to capture more measurements, such as building and exporting databases for statistical and reference purposes and integrating the tool with Water Corporation’s education team’s calendars so that bookings submitted by teachers are automatically added to staff calendars.

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