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New responsive website for the Energy Saving Trust

The launch could not be better timed since the National Grid recently warned its capacity to supply electricity this winter will be at a seven year low.

The Energy Saving Trust is committed to providing impartial, accurate and independent advice to households, communities and organisations on how to reduce carbon emissions, reduce fuel bills, use water more sustainably and drive smarter.

The organisation works with governments, local authorities, communities, third sector organisations and businesses to deliver or manage government programmes, test low-carbon technology, provide certification and assurance for businesses and consumer goods, develop models and tools to gain further insight into energy efficiency.

We developed the website in Drupal and it’s a huge transformation for the look and feel and overall user experience. The website now provides tailored content relevant to each audience – corporate, domestic, business and communities/government – and allows users to navigate through content which is specific to their UK nation.