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Watch our webinar on digital transformation in the higher education sector

Universities are being forced to change from all directions; regulatory interference, technological innovation, new cultural norms, increased customer expectations, pedagogic experimentation, academic globalisation and galloping academic cost inflation.

Digital transformation, the project to internalise the changes that digital has brought about, is part cure for these, and part a necessary change itself. Its tempo is increasing and more universities are starting the journey.  It’s a difficult journey and this webinar will measure the steps that the bold have taken so far, presented by Rob Van Tol, Senior Strategy Consultant at Precedent.

Rob has worked with a range of higher education clients including the University of Aberdeen, Sheffield Hallam University, Edinburgh Business School and the University of Gloucestershire. Rob also co-wrote our latest higher education whitepaper, 'Bums on Seats - the digital battle for students.' 

You can also watch the webinar via YouTube.