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Are you a digital Superhero?

Clare Jones Head of Marketing

This summer we launched our new report, Daring to be Digital, and off the back if this we developed a seminar series that we have now delivered in cities across the UK and Australia. It has attracted some of the best and brightest digital minds from a multitude of sectors. 

Now, getting positive feedback from anybody, in any way, shape, or form is always a bonus, and we actively encourage it, but when it comes in the form of a blog, and not just any old blog, a blog where the word superhero and Precedent sit side by side … well, it doesn’t get much better! 

We stumbled across it last week, written by one of our recent attendees, Kyle Campbell of Aston University.  Reading it not only gave us that nice warm fuzzy feeling that someone had taken the time and the effort to share their thoughts on our seminar, but it was also a brilliantly written and great to see how someone other than us, interprets our vision and ideas of digital transformation. 

Here are some of our favourite snippets. Well … it’s always good when someone gets your message and feels as passionate about it as you do isn’t it?!

“You have to don your cape and tights to get anything done in larger organisations, but don’t think you need to do it alone. Surround yourself with doers and take a look at the Daring to be Digital report.

“The key is to be transformational in your approach. Be open to digital opportunities and understand that they can adjust your marketing strategy.”

“Digital marketing has moved way beyond mailshots and facebook. It’s about placing digital at the heart of your campaigns and at the centre of your customer’s experience.”

“Identify the areas where transformation is needed and then set yourself a goal. Not a grand goal six months from now, but something you can work towards by the end of the week. What can you do between now and then that will set your innovation in motion.

So, are you a digital superhero?? You don’t need tights and a cape to qualify, but a read of Kyle Campbell’s blog will be guaranteed to demystify the role of the truly transformational and hopefully inspire you to tackle it head on - superhero style!

Read Kyle Campbell's full blog here: