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Digital innovation - what we're looking at in the Edinburgh studio

We regularly monitor and watch trends and activities across the digital space so this month we thought we would share a few of the trends, innovations and releases that have caught our attention and worth keeping a digital eye on.

1. Mobile wallet and the future of mobile ecommerce will develop rapidly as the acceptance and capability of the m-wallet develop. If we all start using contactless payments and the capability to have the Amazon type model storing credit cards safely on our smartphone and the retailers implement the capability to accept digital payments then the world will change.  Two examples which are picking up traction:

a. Paydient is moving forward offering white label solutions we can build into your mobile app, take a look at the overview.

b. iBeacon – Apples release of iOS 7 included the capability for devices to interact with Bluetooth based beacons which can open the app way and capability to work with the e-wallet technology. Apple avoided NFC but iBeacon opens the possibilities, watch this space.

2. We are interested in Google’s changes in search with its release of Hummingbird, its biggest algorithm changes since 2001. It looks at the semantics of the search phrases to try and identify the meaning of a phrase. Will it change things?  Google intends it to help conversational style searches and to have a clearer meaning behind the words. We’ll see if there are any unintended consequences. 

3. We have now been provided by with the development API for the Jawbone UP active wristband which enables us explore and interact with the technology. We believe wearable tech has a place in the future and it will grow as ideas are developed and providers such as Jawbone open up their products. We look forward to sharing our exploratory work in a future blog.

Our interesting website of the month a site that captured our attention offering an engaging site moving away from the norm and making good use of HTML5, Greenpeace’s provides their view on the risks of Artic exploration.

If anyone has an interest in any of the above or want more information and learning’s from our digital monitoring just get in touch.