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RSPCA launch their latest campaign site: The Smart Puppy and Dog Buyer's Guide

The RSPCA have recently launched their latest campaign, the Smart Puppy and Dog Buyer’s Guide. The latest campaign website developed through the partnership with global digital agency Precedent, is designed to inform and educate those interested in adding a furry friend to their family and ensure that each dog lives in a healthy, secure and loving home.

Australia has one of the highest incidences of pet ownership, with 2.8 million households owning a dog (38% of the total), and the RSPCA has identified several welfare issues surrounding purchasing a puppy, such as puppy farms, pedigree dog health issues and incompatible pet owner lifestyles. The campaign was developed as a preventative tool to highlight what is actually involved in owning puppy and to minimise risk from these issues, with the guide aiming to inform and engage the public towards considering a rescue dog first, or alternatively how to find a responsible breeder.

The campaign site utilises the personas Precedent developed from work as part of an ongoing digital strategy. The personas were developed through learning from real-world behaviours’ of the RSPCA’s audiences through qualitative research methods such as nationwide focus groups. These personas provide a defined understanding and greater insight into the target audience that the RSPCA look to reach.

The Precedent design team, led by Creative Director, Rufus Spiller, took a lighter hearted route with the design concept, which make use of friendly and distinctive illustrations. Working with the RSPCA team, Precedent were able to ensure the campaign had the right balance of engagement and information. Placed alongside the RSPCA national site, the campaign will also support offline activity promoting responsible dog ownership.

Rufus explains, “The design allows for a bit of fun and humour on which could be a dry and challenging subject but one which highlights many important issues with dog ownership. The fun illustrations balance out the important information which the RSPCA aim to communicate to their audience.”

The campaign is launched just in time for the busy Christmas period where animal adoptions from the RSPCA tend to peak.

“Getting a dog or puppy is an exciting time but new owners really need to be prepared before they make the decision to welcome a new pet into their lives, the Guide is an engaging, easy to digest tool that we’re confident will help prospective pet owners through this process,” Elise Meakin, RSPCA Australia Communications and Campaigns Manager.