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A CASE of Education

Adrian Porter Head of Strategic Research

Lindsay Herbert and I spent a somewhat exhausting, but very fruitful time immersed in all things educational at the CASE Europe conference in Birmingham last week.

This is the fifth year we have been to the conference and as usual we had a very full agenda. In amongst manning our stand in the exhibition hall, attending presentations and speeches from some of Europe’s top educational marketing specialists, hosting a dinner for the CASE volunteers, and networking at the opening reception and the closing gala dinner, Lindsay also presented a case study on the Thrive campaign that she conceived for Cardiff University. It was a very full week. Here are some of the highlights:

The opening reception was hosted by Birmingham University at their Great Hall. This was a chance to catch up with old friends and clients as well as meet new delegates. The conference is an increasingly European affair, so while it was great to see so many delegates from Northern Europe, it became clear that Eastern European and African nations are ever more represented.

The next day Lindsay and I attended a number of sessions at the conference. One of the highlights for me was a presentation by Emma Leach (Director of Communications at Nottingham University) in which she explained the sophistication of Nottingham’s international marketing machine, which includes supporting the university’s efforts to recruit from Kazakhstan for its Malaysian campus.

That night Lindsay hosted the volunteers dinner, spending a very hot, but interesting evening chatting to various VC’s and communication professionals about the current state of play in the HE market.

Thursday was all about Lindsay’s presentation of the Thrive Campaign with Louise Casella (Director of Strategic Development, Cardiff University). If you saw the presentation then I think you will agree with me that it was one of the best sessions of the conference. Lindsay and Louise clearly described the campaign, its aims and objectives and the subsequent results. The dynamic between the two of them was enlightening and obviously rooted in a good working relationship. Louise candidly revealed not just the hard facts of the campaign, but also its softer achievements in bringing the university together and developing an understanding of the benefits of a high profile digitally led campaign. Lindsay offered the agency view and clearly demonstrated how her understanding of the social space that potential students occupy was leveraged with the help of current students to attract potential students to Cardiff.

The feedback I received from everyone I talked to, as well as via the tweets that were streaming on massive screens in the exhibition hall were fantastic so the two of them truly deserved their cup of tea after the presentation.

If you would like a copy of the slides for the presentation then please email . And why not look at them in the context of the presentation itself by watching the video (above).

After the awards were presented that evening at the gala dinner (below) delegates were treated to  Bollywood-style dancing, and a party until the wee hours.

All in all it was a good conference and as usual it was great to see people who know us, have heard of us, or just want to get to know us – Our profile in the sector remains high.