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Tabloid Transformation – are you Daring to be Digital?

On July 31st this year my attention was grabbed by the headline of a newspaper. The narrative that accompanied the headline started by saying that ‘Britain is changing at the speed of light’ and went on to say how the newspaper welcomed ‘ the incredible transformation of our country by technology’. Transformation, technology, I was intrigued, where was this heading? There followed a brief synopsis of recent technological advancements...

‘Ten years ago smartphones were science fiction. Only four years ago, iPads were unheard of. Soon half the country will own a tablet, even more than a smartphone. The 4G networks will bring instant connectivity wherever we are.Lightning fast broadband will transform our daily lives in ways we cannot yet imagine. These giant leaps aren’t some distant dream. They are just around the corner.’

In truth the piece began to degrade at this point, but before it did it laid out how the newspaper is embracing technological transformation by launching its own ‘revolution involving the paper, our website and apps’.

If you haven’t guessed the tabloid in question already it was the Sun and it was revealing its new offer ‘SUN+’ containing all of the paper’s usual content online on mobile and tablet as well as exclusive access to all the Premiership goals and ‘freebies every month with SUN+Perks’ all for just £1 a month.

The article implied that in response to technological and behavioural change the Sun has brought a new, or I suspect a re-branded, offer to market. Either way the model recognises that the way we consume media is changing, has reacted to it and is charging for it

By contrast the Sun’s arch-rival The Mirror still maintains an open access online version of its printed paper, which in many areas is woefully out of date – presenting old news as current.

Who will win out? Is The Mirror just waiting to see how well The Sun fares before launching its own digitally enhanced offer?

Well even as far back as 2000 Keyur Patel & Mary McCarthy in their book Digital Transformation maintained that whereas traditionally the majority and to a degree the laggards could reap the rewards of new business models by applying the learning gleaned from the innovators and early adopters nowadays it is quite the opposite and it is the early adopters who will inherit the earth.

So it’s The Sun then that is likely to win through. No real surprise there I suppose, but who is threatening your organisation’s relevance and competitiveness in the digital space? And what can you do about it?See what some of our clients have done to become digital daredevils and understand what it means to be a digitally transformational organisation by downloading out latest report Daring to be Digital or attending one of our free seminars listed below.