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Water Corporation: Using data charting to provide users with the optimum online experience

Danielle Macdonald User Experience Consultant

Over in Australia, The Water Corporation (based in Perth), have a tough job ensuring the security of their water supply both now and for the future.

Given the rising reality of climate change and the fact that Western Australia is largely made up of desert, the Western Australian public are very engaged in learning how their water supply and sources are being managed.

Our recent work redeveloping the Water Corporation website saw the introduction of new tool to showcase rainfall and dam information, creating a more interactive experience.

Since the initial launch of the new website we’ve been working with the Water Corporation to improve this tool, building on the wealth of feedback from their customers and carrying out user testing to learn exactly what information people are most passionate about and how we can improve the way in which information on this important subject is delivered.

Hours after our Australia studio finshed launching the new rainfall and dams tool, they had their first piece of positive feedback, and the gold stars keep flowing through.

For Precedent, this reinforced that our focus on taking a user centred approach and working with our clients users to develop a solution, is the right approach. Ensuring what we deliver online not only meets our clients business requirements, but  also delivers to their customers specifications provides our clients with the ability to build a strong relationship with their users, where communication is at the heart of everything they do.