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Customer experience in a digital world – enhancing the visitor experience

Lindsay Herbert Head of Digital (Global)

The ubiquity of digital means the experience you deliver to your visitors has to exceed all others. Too often destinations focus on marketing and advertising when it’s actually problems and missed opportunities in the customer journey that are to blame for business challenges like declining sales and poor reviews.

Featuring the successes and failures of others, this week I will be joining the likes of Trip Advisor, Everplaces, Ticketmaster and a host of European tourism boards to discuss how digital channels and technology can help the travel and tourism sector resolve major business challenges by enhancing the full customer experience, both online and in the real world. 

My presentation will be available after the event, so if you are interested in seeing it, please get in touch and we can share this with you. We will also be launching our new report on customer experience in October. You can sign up for a free copy here