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Our latest higher education whitepaper has just launched

Our latest whitepaper, ‘Bums on Seats – the digital battle for students,’ leverages our experience working with some of the biggest universities across the UK and Asia Pacific, implementing a range of digital solutions to ready universities for digital change.

Rob Van Tol, Senior Strategy Consultant at Precedent and co-author of the whitepaper explains, ‘There is a fierce war going on between universities trying to attract students. Although it’s a polite war, it doesn’t mean it’s not a serious war. Universities are facing an era where students are in control of the university’s future. The vast majority of students have now grown up in a digital world where their expectations are higher than ever. For universities to operate the same way they did 10 or 100 years ago is just unrealistic for their survival.’

Targeted at marketing and communications professionals working in the higher education sector, the whitepaper identifies four battlegrounds where universities are currently standing on the front line: the public website, digital marketing campaigns, the physical campus and online-first universities.

The whitepaper explores six strategies universities can employ dependent on their structure, strengths and unique selling propositions, and identifies ten ready-to-implement tactics to begin their journey to true digital transformation, all evidenced by real case studies.

Kate Broadhurst, Digital Experience Consultant at Precedent and co-author of the whitepaper said, ‘The purpose of the report is to provide professionals working in the sector with direction and confidence when navigating the daunting battle that universities are currently facing between each other. Digital is an enabler for universities to win the battle for students, and there are universities already trekking down the path to digital transformation. It can be overwhelming, but it’s an achievable necessity.’

The whitepaper is available to download now from