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Optimising Mobile

Mobile technology opens a channel for a brand to fully engage with audiences through a selected device of personal choice.  Providing your mobile proposition is delivered in an intuitive, creative, absorbing and effective manner it will develop loyalty and provide you with a win-win result; a win for your customer using and enjoying the mobile experience, and a win for you extending your brand reach and success opportunities. 

Today most companies include mobile access to the company website in their digital strategies but the options are many and opinions on best practice confusing. Is it best to open access to the whole site using a responsive approach, introduce a specific and reduced set of mobile screens using a ‘mobi’ style or develop an app using a framework or native approach?  

This whitepaper aims to help you understand the options and support you in making the correct choice. The challenge you have is to provide your users with an optimised experience on the mobile phone that results in an increased number of conversions, opening up the mobile channel to your organisation.