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Digital Transformation: a practical guide

Sharing opinions and advice from our own expert practitioners, the third report in our digital transformation series (following from CX: Survival of the Fittest and Daring to be Digital) demonstrates what we believe to be the best-practice approach to embarking on a successful digital transformation.

All organisations are different. Having spent the past quarter of a century working with a diverse range of sectors on digital projects of all shapes and sizes – and with varying budgets – we know the best approach to ensure success is to begin with a full understanding of your organisation's internal setup and abilities. Only then can you clarify your goals and create a programme of digital work that directly addresses the steps required to achieve those objectives.

Our latest report explores each component of the digital experience in detail. From how you determine the type of digital experience you want to deliver, through to the strategy, research, prototyping, design, development and evolution of a project.

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