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Digital Transformation Roundtable Events 2017

Following the success of a number of digital transformation roundtables over the last six months, we are extending the series of invitation-only events for senior decision makers throughout 2017. 

With significant change across the sectors we operate within over the past five years, this forum will enable you to share knowledge and contribute to collaborative learnings. From barriers to change, to the reallocation of funding across the organisation, to evaluating the benefits of strategic initiatives over tactical ones, the forum will enable attendees to highlight, explore and break down the key challenges faced in the fight to stay relevant, effective and profitable in a rapidly changing market.

Precedent will not own these meet-ups, but merely facilitate them and - taking a steer from feedback - offer up guest delegates who can share differing and interesting opinions that may spark ideas and conversation. 

These events are by invitation and recommendation. If you think they are relevant to you or someone within your organisation, please request a place and we will be in touch with information on upcoming sessions that may be of interest.

Where and When?

Date: Wednesday, 13 September 2017
Time: 9-11am/3-5pm
Location: London and Manchester

Places Available