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Case Study

Anthony Nolan

A pioneering charity needs a pioneering website. Anthony Nolan commissioned us to design and build a website  that would help support their position as a top UK charity, and most importantly, deliver a website that worked hard for them to help achieve their key objective of growing the donor register.

Inform, engage, donate

We understand charities and their digital needs. For charities, the need for a website that works hard is vital to their success. Anthony Nolan are the leading UK charity involved in stem cell transplantation, are an international authority on scientific stem cell research, and  key player in the healthcare charity fundraising market but they struggled to communicate their accomplishments and effectiveness. A new website was needed. The more effective the website, the more lives can be saved.  We needed to re-energise their online brand assets to engage with their key audiences and grow their donor register. Relevance was key.
The first battle was tackling the existing user journey. The critical information was hidden deep in the website. Our project team have vast knowledge of the charity sector and have been involved in many digital projects for some of the biggest UK charities and know the results that come from understanding the user journey and ensuring this is factored into all elements of a project. The first step was the need for a new home page that showcased their profile and effectiveness and that delivered clear and compelling information straight away.
Drupal was the chosen CMS as they wanted template flexibility and the ability to grow and adapt without large development costs. Our designers set to work creating a premium and impactful design that engaged from the off. Anthony Nolan had some key challenges that the website needed to help solve. They needed to help increase the number of donors that complete the registration, so simplifying  processes was key. They also needed to engage more ethnic minority donors, so we developed targeted designs and content to attack this. Finally the overarching requirement was to raise the awareness of Anthony Nolan’s reach and pioneering research, so we introduced live feeds and guidelines on repurposing content so it was both digestible and informative.
The final hurdle that our developers tackled was accessibility. The website needed to achieve double AA compliance, something we recommend all of our clients should work to, and our user testers were there to ensure it delivered on this.

The perfect match

The new website is fully responsive and works hard at every step to entice and incentivise the user. We are delighted to say that the online presence we developed is now the charities hardest working asset.

" The revamp has led to impressive increases in traffic and conversions, as well as reductions in the site's bounce rate.

We’re still getting very positive feedback about the new look-and-feel of the site. The metrics have been highly encouraging too. So far we've seen:

  •  - Overall visits increased by 29%.
  •  - Unique visits were up by 34%.
  •  - Bounce rates were down 11.97%
     - Visits via Facebook have gone up 200% and is now by far the biggest referrer to the site.
  •  - And there was an 8% increase in conversion rate (defined as people filling in the bone marrow registration form online)."