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Case Study

Perth Arena

Perth’s newest live entertainment, music and sports venue Perth Arena opened in November 2012 with a 15,500 seat capacity.  However, the audience’s involvement with the Arena didn’t just stop at the stage. The Arena needed to extend their presence from the physical to the digital experience.

As the venue was brand new and located in the busy Perth CBD area this was particularly important for launch as all visitors to the Arena were unfamiliar with both the location and layout of the building. 


An enhanced customer experience

The first objective for this app was to answer common customer queries including how to book the best seats for an event, how to get to and from the venue and parking facilities. The second objective was to enhance the user experience of the actual venue – from booking tickets for an event to going out or home afterwards.  

Understanding how a customer will use the app before, during and after an event was central to the success of this project. We created ‘typical’ customer profiles and worked through their offline and online journeys from first discovering and downloading the app to buying tickets, arriving at the Arena, enjoying the event, going out then travelling home.

This allowed us to identify content and functionality most critical for a user at each step in their journey.  We created a user-centred information architecture for the app, grouping and labelling content in the most intuitive way. We then developed wire frames for key screens in the app guiding the user through each key journey as quickly and easily as possible.

The visual design for the app drew heavily on the architectural inspiration for the building – the Eternity Puzzle and the Roundhouse (Western Australia’s first public building).  Our designers also took inspiration from materials used in the interior of the building such as local granite, timber and textured metal.  These textures and patterns are reflected in the look and feel of the app screens.

Features of the app include event search, category browsing, details, bookings, journey planning using Google Transit, suggestions for alternative parking if the Arena’s is full, the ability to find your seat, social check-in to find your friends and interactive voting.


Let the show begin

The app was built using Phone Gap in order to work on both iPhone and Android devices.

The app has proven very successful for the Arena and its customers. In the first months following the launch it was downloaded over 5,000 times with positive feedback received both at the venue and in app stores.