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Case Study

State Heritage Office WA

The State Heritage Office of Western Australia is responsible for supporting the Heritage Council and Minister of Heritage to identify, celebrate and promote the conservation and sensitive development of cultural heritages places around the state.

As one of their key communication platforms, Precedent took on the challenge to modernise the State Heritage Office’s digital presence with the aim to highlight its key information and offerings to the wider community.

Precedent were first engaged to perform a Sitefinity upgrade, which included unlocking new features offered by the platform. These features provided the State Heritage Office with more internal control, and the ability to further enhance their online experience for customers.

Precedent has now been working in close partnership with the State Heritage Office for the past two years, implementing a number of tactical projects to continually improve the site.

The key deliverables to date include;

  • Enhancements to the image gallery, carousel, and the creation of custom widgets, which allowed the organisation to highlight the many culturally rich places around Perth in a visually appealing and engaging way
  • An extension to the search functionality index; by including an external data source in addition to the current search function, users are provided with a wider pool of information to search from. The added benefit of type ahead functionality also assists in simplifying the search process 
  • An accessibility review which tested accessibility issues identified in a stakeholder workshop. These key findings assisted in enhancing the site to provide a redefined and seamless experience for key users across multiple platforms

These deliverables have enabled the State Heritage Office to more effectively and efficiently communicate with it keys audiences, whilst providing an easy to manage and future proof back-end for internal users.

We are currently undertaking our next project with the State Heritage Office, which includes the creation of digital forms to gather feedback and collate information from the community, further adding to the sites functionality.