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Case Study

The UN Refugee Agency

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) provides vital protection and support for refugees, safeguarding their rights and ensuring their wellbeing. Since its formation in 1950, the UNHCR has helped tens of millions of vulnerable people globally.

Precedent were commissioned to review the UNHCR’s core global site in relation to numerous microsites created by various global and regional teams within the organisation. In order to ensure the website was working as hard as possible to secure essential support and advocacy from their key audiences, it was first critical to understand who those audiences were and what they needed from the UNHCR. 

Our team began by conducting in the region of 40 interviews with both internal and external stakeholders. The findings were clear – users were most concerned with seeing up-to-date facts and statistics in relation to specific countries and situations, and wanted to understand clearly how the UNHCR had provided support. Another area that was identified as crucial was for donors and partners to have access to key information to enable them to lobby for critical funding and support. We found that human stories were powerful and engaging, but these had the greatest impact on users when combined with information on the outcomes of the UNHCR’s work as whole.

Key deliverables of the project included:

  • Completely new user journeys based on engagement insights
  • Recommendations to optimise use of statistics and photography library
  • Design overhaul of core templates, tested on a fully-working HTML prototype
  • Provision of HTML for the UNHCR to build their site using their existing CMS

The new site needed to be high-impact and use the right visual content to drive users to take action. The result was a case study driven design, using real stories and infographics to allow site visitors to connect with the human aspect of the UNHCR’s work. The global website now sports a cleaner design, and provides their disparate international audiences with clear navigation, enabling them to find the relevant content at the right time.