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Digital is a powerful medium for sharing your message, driving actions and measuring results. Cutting through the digital noise, reaching those you need to influence, capturing their attention and turning this into a meaningful action is far from easy. We understand user behaviours, the digital landscape and how best to interlink this with broader customer behaviours and motivations to create real impact.

Our strategic focus and user centred design approach, enables us to develop campaigns that don’t just grab the headlines, but instead really drive results. Our end-to-end digital capabilities mean that when conceiving a campaign we aren’t limited by a narrow set of tools. We can craft campaigns that leverage social, viral, video, micro-site, mobile and offline approaches to create integrated solutions.

We also understand that whilst a campaign might have a relatively short shelf life, the relationships you build and commitments you forge during a campaign must translate into longer term sustainable stakeholder journeys. Our strategic research - whether it has looked at the Alumni engagement process, the Membership journey or fundraising and involvement challenges - has consistently concluded that good campaigns create lasting changes in behaviour; establish closer links with an organisation as a whole; and ultimately aim to take users on a journey from the mildly interested to the powerful advocate or activist.

Our unique ‘free education for life’ campaign for Cardiff University – Thrive, enabled Cardiff to significantly improve on the national average for student recruitment. Our Hens Deserve Better campaign for RSPCA Australia was accessed by 32,000 unique visitors in the first 12 months, and played at least a small part in bringing an end to battery hen farming in Tasmania. We helped raise £60 million in 12 months through our Birmingham University Circles of Influence campaign and for Sustrans, we aimed to get users to pledge enough miles to cycle once around the world and in 3 months enough miles were pledged to cycle around the world 4.7 times.

For a series of top tips for digital marketeers, request our Digital Marketing Whitepaper, or perhaps arrange a chat with Cory Hughes our Client Services Director, to let your ideas take shape and create a campaign that will achieve real change.

Campaigning Online

Communicating and campaigning in the third sector online - more than just your website, it's your web presence that counts.

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