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Meaningful branding that pervades everything you do

Brand is in our blood. Whether we're creating new brands, or refreshing old ones, we know how to get the best out of yours. Our Founder and Chairman, Paul Hoskins spent his formative years with brand guru Wolf Olins. Whilst our focus is digital, few brands are taken through their paces more effectively than through the online medium. That means brand is synonymous with what we do.

We’ve developed identities, names and brand languages for organisations within higher education, professional services, utilities and tech start-ups. This is really only the tip of the ice berg. For us every single digital or design project is an opportunity to explore a brand further.

In some cases this means a wholesale change such as our recent ground-breaking identity for Leeds College of Music. For others such as The Institute of Directors it is about evolving and refreshing an identity, perhaps through an update of the logo, but more importantly through the enrichment of the brand language, the photographic and illustrative assets that support the brand, the tone of voice, its about refreshing all communication.

We regularly work in partnership with traditional identity specialists,  working alongside them to ensure that the offline brand isn’t simply dropped onto online properties as an afterthought. We develop digital guidelines and establish pattern libraries and writing guidelines that blend established digital principles with the essence of a brand.

Whilst digital may be at the core, we increasingly find print must be designed and produced to complement the digital environment. Whether we are creating monthly magazines, designing prospectuses or figuring out how to winch a giant logo onto the side of a printing works – we have the skills, knowledge and years of experience to ensure we do the job right.

We recently turned a web project on its head by turning music into a brand for Leeds College of Music. We have helped organisations such as the Institute of Directors and The Medical Defence Union present a more relevant, contemporary and commercial brand for the 21st Century. Our first customer, for whom we designed a new identity 24 years ago – Charterhouse Bank - is still one of our clients today and we are in the process of launching a new website and brand evolution for them at this time. We helped Southampton University make a bold move towards a typographic and story based brand in 2005, and we have established a strong partnership that enables them to continually evolve their communications and brand.

If you have an extraordinary brand challenge, we’d love to hear from you. We would love to explore and challenge your ideas and understand what a meaningful brand evolution would mean to you.

Building brand awareness in the digital world

What can we learn from the digital activities of 20 Scottish single malt whisky distilleries, and how can we apply this to any brand looking for category differentiation online?

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