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Digital transformations

Sustainable business value through digital

To fully exploit the opportunities that digital offers, you may need more than just a website or mobile application. Our Digital Transformation services review, analyse and improve every aspect of a business. Whether we're helping you build a crack team of in-house digital specialists, writing your content strategy or helping you collaborate better across your organisation, we can make sure you squeeze every drop out of digital.

Our team of digital strategists have decades of experience helping organisations in the finance, membership, travel and leisure, education, health and charity sectors achieve their potential through digital.

This process starts with our unique in-house strategic research capability who generate sector specific and discipline led thought leadership in the form of reports and seminars that enable us to bring new, challenging and innovative ideas to the table.

Increasingly we are chosen as a strategic digital partner over traditional consulting firms. This is driven by our capabilities not only to consider the strategic problems, generate solutions and gain internal buy-in, but because as an end-to-end digital provider we have the capability to execute. We provide real, tangible advice rooted in an understanding of what works and what is achievable.

Our FOCUSING framework for digital transformation combines the rigour of framing, organising, collecting, understanding and synthesising digital opportunities, with the abilities to initiate, narrate and goal set. This powerful tool-set and highly experienced consultancy teams mean we can deliver real business benefit.

Almost all our strategic engagements lead to long-term partnerships where we support our customers through the process of transformation, developing web properties, mobile applications, campaign solutions, governance plans, content strategies and internal capability building.

Successes include increasing RSPCA online donations by nearly 40%, transforming the way The British Medical Association leverages digital across its business, consolidating 65 Cabinet Office websites into just 2, completely redesigning the editorial, content production and governance strategy for The Intellectual Property Office and creating an entirely new market for Tesco Bank through mobile travel insurance sales.

Request a copy of our report Daring to be Digital to see how you could become a digital hero for your organisation and start the process of digital transformation.

Daring to be Digital

Sharing insight gleaned from a survey of more than 50 Precedent clients and over 20 interviews with those responsible for delivering a variety of digital projects, this cross sector report asks what type of digital organisation are you? Are you reactive, strategic, or truly transformational?

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