We are a digital experience company based in London, Hong Kong and Melbourne.


About us

We’re a team of opinionated, passionate experts who focus on the opportunities that digital and technology can bring. In over a quarter of a century of helping clients through digital transformation, we’ve learned that human truths are fundamental and don’t change in the way that technology does.

Users are only users when they are using your service.

Consumers are only consumers when they are buying your product.

Humans are humans. Always.

The most important and constant lever of power in our rapidly changing digital landscape is humanity. Humans make technology, so looking at things from the perspective of a human matters. 

Humanity is past, present and future-proof.


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We make our work human by crossing technology with context, insight and empathy.


We're consultants, technologists, developers, designers, creators and producers brought together to work with progressive organisations.

  • george_b.jpg

    George Bashir

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Valeria_Doncheva.jpg

    Valeria Doncheva

    Senior Project Manager

  • oliver.jpg

    Oliver Evans

    Service Support Manager

  • michael.jpg

    Michael Frantzis

    Chief Experience Officer

  • George_Georgiev.jpg

    George Georgiev

  • Paul_Hoskins.jpg

    Paul Hoskins

    CEO and Chairman

  • james_i.jpg

    James Irvine

    Senior Systems Administrator

  • Tom_Lowein-Levy.jpg

    Tom Lowein-Levy

    Design Lead

  • Thea_Povell.jpg

    Thea Povell

    Business Support Executive

  • Santhosh_Rathinasekar.jpg

    Santhosh Rathinasekar

    Head of Finance and HR

  • robertas.jpg

    Robertas Reiciunas

    Systems Administrator

  • Laura_Scherf.jpg

    Laura Scherf

    Business Development and Marketing Executive

  • Chloe_Threadgold.jpg

    Chloë Threadgold


  • Gopinath_Venkatesh.jpg

    Gopinath Venkatesh

    Quality Assurance Manager