Woman with curly hair smiling against a blue background, reminiscent of the interface colors often used in legal project management software.

Chief People Officer

Celeste Little

As Senior Director of Operations & People, Celeste brings over 20 years of combined experience in leadership and the insurance industry and is passionate about creating an environment that fosters exceptional experiences for both employees and customers.

With an extensive background in property and casualty claims and leading large, nationally distributed teams, Celeste oversees Quality Assurance, Human Resources, and Recruiting. She is committed to building a talented and diverse workforce that thrives on innovation and collaboration.

Fueled by the desire to find creative solutions, Celeste draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and the transformative power of expression through song, dance, and visual art, which influences her professional approach.

In her personal life, Celeste enjoys dancing with her husband and advocating for others while instilling in her children the belief that their potential is limitless.