A smiling man with short hair, possibly evaluating legal AI software, against a blue background.

VP, Product

Matthew Slocum

Matt Slocum is Precedent’s VP of Product.  He is an insurance industry veteran specializing in mobile, claims technology and digital process improvement.  Prior to joining Precedent, Matt spent 14 years with GEICO.  At GEICO, Matt was responsible for defining and developing multiple new products and product teams from the ground up.  Most notably, he led development of the award-winning GEICO Mobile App and multiple +10x ROI digital claims automation products.  In addition to his time in Engineering and Product Management, Matt cross-trained in claims operations, including settling his fair share of Bodily Injury claims.  He also holds two patents, one for mobile-based digital identification cards and another for sharing digital insurance information.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and son.  He is an avid indoor and outdoor cyclist and spends his rides thinking of the next best dad-joke.  Did you hear about the environmentalist who went down the same bicycle route twice? He recycled.