Branding for universities in the digital age




What's it all about?

Last year, we held several successful roundtable sessions with a focus on the bigger picture for higher education: from visualising future scenarios for the sector, to broader conversations around managing large-scale organisational change, and optimising the student experience. We're starting 2018 with a session exploring the challenges faced in creating a university brand.

Whilst a well-designed brand and a connected digital, product and analytics strategy can empower universities to deliver the best possible experience for students, in light of the current media interest surrounding tuition fees, pension disputes and performance measures such as the TEF, the details of university spending have been brought sharply into focus. It's become more important than ever to articulate the value of spending on branding and other digital and marketing initiatives.

What will you learn?

Join us for coffee and pastries at our first higher education roundtable of 2018, where you can share your experience, success and challenges encountered in developing your brand strategy with other senior decision-makers from HE institutions nationwide.

Our roundtable sessions are suitable for senior decision-makers working across digital, IT, marketing and communications. They are by invitation only and run under the Chatham House Rule. While Precedent hosts the sessions, they are designed to facilitate lively and open discussion driven by attendees, so we ask that registrants come prepared to take an active part in the conversation.

Register your interest via the form below, and we'll be in touch when we have a date confirmed. 

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