How to design user-centred content

Thursday, 26 Apr 2018



‘The medium is the message.’

Marshall McLuhan may have made this point way back in 1964, but it certainly still rings true today.  

Once organisations have passed the initial hurdle of generating enthusiasm for creating content, they often find themselves in a situation where they have limited or non-existent guidelines for content governance, and their content management system (CMS) can quickly become bloated with barely-used, unnecessary content that is simply there for the sake of it.  

By understanding digital platforms as systems that deliver content, organisations of all sizes and budgets can deliver greater value to their users. This is especially important now that the “create once, publish anywhere” (COPE model) seems like the Holy Grail of content creation. 

From usability and findability to accessibility and personas, in this 20-minute webinar, UX Consultant Marcos Villaseñor will talk you through how to COPE effectively by:

  • Taking a user-centred and evidence-based approach to designing content
  • Understanding how to make platforms such as your CMS bring the best out in your content
  • Adapting your content to other platforms that you have little control over, such as social media 

You can watch a recording of the live webinar on our youtube channel.


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